Bill Margold Offers Snippets from The Sportsmen’s Lodge Rally; “James Lee is Very Much a Romney Person”

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Bill Margold attended the porn industry meeting at The Sportsmen’s Lodge this past week and typical of the snippy attitude of the industry’s current crop of mayflies he was asked, “What are you doing here?”

Last time I checked Margold’s the Methuselah of this business and has earned the right to be anywhere he chooses. And in this instance Margold brought Vote “No” on Measure B campaign buttons for the industry to wear.

The “who are you” remarks probably didn’t matter to Margold who says he didn’t know half of the people in attendance, any way. But then there was some of the oldies but goodies like Ron Braverman of Doc Johnson, Michael Warner, Paul Thomas, Steve Hirsch and Tori Welles who’s affiliated with a company called Random Screw.

“It was interesting to see the old guard,” says Margold.

“The Sportsmen’s Lodge is iconic in the number of industry meetings that have been held there.”

In Margold’s opinion FSC’s Diane Duke “has an interesting presence about her.”

“She scurries, which is interesting. But none of these people seem to go for the jugular vein. They’re happy-hugging.”

“I was touched by the emotional overflow- maybe it was fear that dominated the day,” Margold goes on to say, noting that James Lee is a pretty forceful presence though tends to play “middle of the road.”

“He’s interesting; he’s very much Republican and a Romney person while he says with Romney there’s all bark and no bite against us.”

Margold, as probably every sane individual in the industry knows, you don’t trust Romney farther than you can throw him.

“Lee, though, is pretty persuasive and he’ll use just enough obscenity to open peoples’ eyes and wake ‘em up.”

Noting that Lee has failed to go after Michael Weinstein and his alleged affiliations with condom companies, Margold suspects that Lee’s maybe a lobbyist who “wants to play fair.”

“But this isn’t a time to play fair any more, though who am I to say because they all look at me and say what is Margold doing here?”

Well, what Margold’s doing is lining up an event for November 4th at Déjà Vu in North Hollywood. It’s called “Erection Election” and Margold’s combining lingerie and auction shows to help promote voter awareness on the condom issue.

Regarding the Sportsmen’s Lodge meeting, Margold said it was amusing to see how everyone grew bored and restless and wanted to get out of there.

“They did what they had to do and were excused to go to lunch or go back to work. They didn’t want to play any more.”

Margold was even delighted that Mr. Marcus showed up at the meeting.

“I hugged him and gave him a button.”

Margold continues to be a staunch defender of Marcus asking, “Has any one in the business caught syphilis from Marcus?”

I tell Margold this isn’t the point, that “luck” shouldn’t be the mitigating issue when you falsify a test. Nevertheless, Margold continues to be Clarence Darrow.

“He was terrified with information that came at him so fast and so furious,” explains Margold.

Margold also says, “You got to admire Steve Hirsch for putting that event together. He was very good and very persuasive. People were popping out $5,000 donations. Money was flying around the room.”

“There was genuine fear in that room but genuine camaraderie,” Margold also points out.

“Back in the day everyone was an outlaw, now we’re not outlaws anymore.”

Margold’s also of the opinion that Michael Weinstein could care one way or another if Measure B passes.

“I think the industry needs a common enemy and to fight; but court cases aren’t going to be the way. If this Measure does pass, who knows how it’s really going to be enacted?”

According to what Margold’s heard, Amber Lynn wants to march on the AHF offices in costumes on Halloween day.

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