Bill Margold Says, “No Mo”

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Bill Margold tweets: Looks like “twits” are out in senseless force. The only two NEW commonsense FSC Board Members would be Marci Hirsch and Amber Lynn. No Mo’s!

I suppose Margold was referring to Mo Reese who’s been campaigning for a spot on the Free Speech board and was on Rebecca Bardoux’s Internet show last Friday night. According to Margold, Mo kept emphasizing on the Bardoux show how he was “an average guy.”

“Who wants average?” asks Margold. My opinion? After hearing that interview and judging from what he’s saying, Reese, who can certainly talk up a storm, comes off as a people pleaser; and if push came to shove in the FSC trenches, he’s likely to be too concerned with the politics of upsetting porn’s status quo.

While Margold makes it clear he doesn’t support Reese, he feels Amber Lynn’s probably going to get some cards dealt her from the bottom of the deck in that election.

Margold mentions that Amber Lynn plays the guest part of a ticket taker when the Deep Throat play takes to the LA stage in a few weeks. Margold plays the role of the judge, he thinks, probably because his father, Nathan Margold, was a well known civil rights judge and activist.

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