Bill Margold: That’s the Last Time He’ll Be Using Water Balloons at a Condom Rally

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According to Bill Margold, maybe 50 porn fans altogether dropped in at Déjà Vu North Hollywood on Sunday afternoon.

Bad day you’d think for a condom rally because the NFL season is at the halfway point, but with an election a day or so away, you don’t get to pick your rally schedules.

On the other hand, Adultcon was being held in Las Vegas. Now there’s lousy timing for you. You figure to yourself what a perfect weekend for holding a fan event in Los Angeles –three days of porn public awareness at 40 bucks a pop or whatever fans are paying these days to mingle with porn stars. Except brighter minds opted to hold the show in Sin City.

Which all goes to show you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Susan Abram who writes for the Los Angeles Daily News covered the Deja Vu event and Huffington Post as well as a couple of other papers picked the story up.

Describing Abram as “pixiesque,” Margold thinks she saw more than what she bargained for.

“There were no rules at this event and there was occasional nudity,” he muses.

Occasional nudity at a strip club is like an occasional clunker at an auto body shop where James Bartholet seems to feel condom battle lines will be drawn.

Margold says Abram, judging by her recent pieces about the industry, seems fair enough.

Overall Margold described it as a fun event, and he was trying to do something with water balloons and discovered that condoms will leak – that is, if you try to make them into water balloons for a fight. Even regular balloons, too.

“I kept blowing them up and they kept exploding on me or anybody else who picked them up.”

Sarena Marcus, who works at the club, volunteered to be a target but nobody could hit her. Nonetheless, Margold said that’s the last time he’ll entertain the notion of water balloons.

Margold was more delighted over the fact that Amber Lynn and Nina Hartley were on hand.

“Here you have the first two Heart-On girls for the XRCO being there, Amber and Nina; and they were the belles of the ball,” he says.

“Rebecca Bardoux was there, but Rebecca doesn’t have the same presence as an Amber or a Nina, and she has to understand that. Because there you have two living legends who each radiate their own glow.”

Margold compares Bardoux to Jessica Lange in American Horror Story and I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

“Nina is a ball of sunshine, a kinder, softer person and Amber, well, is a fire storm,” Margold reflects.

“You put those two people in a room- how does anyone else expect to hold court when they’re controlling the court?”

“Unfortunately the attendance was an apathetic one,” rues Margold.

“But at least they had 30 more people than they would have had on a Sunday afternoon.”

It was twenty bucks to get in, which, all things considered was a lot less than what Adultcon was charging, and at least you were closer to the action, i.e., PornValley.

At Four o’clock there was a drawing.

“And the people who were still there got some very nice DVDs,” said Margold. “The people at Déjà vu were very nice.”

According to Margold there was also a television documentary crew in attendance doing something on the history of condoms. It might be a short history if “No” on Measure B wins on Tuesday.

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