Billy Glide Dies, Mike South Lies; Popular Actor NOT Killed By Rattlesnake Bite

I got an email last night from one of the many fans of the Rob Black Show.

He said, “You gotta go to The Weekly World News of Porn.” I said, “Oh, you mean Mike South?” He said, “Of course.”

Since we started the new format, we haven’t really dwelled much on Hillbilly Boy, but the fan was adamant. “You gotta go there and check out what he’s been posting about Billy Glide.” So, just like Michael Corleone in The Godfather 3 with the Immobliare pope, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

Now there is nobody on the fringes of the adult business who has a website who lies more than Mike South. He’s proved it time and time again. I looked at the articles that were pointed out to me and I was completely floored. As many of you know, a performer by the name of Billy Glide died over the weekend. There were a lot of questions as to how he died. We knew he didn’t get killed in Santa Barbara by Elliot Rodger. We knew he didn’t get killed by a tsunami. We knew he didn’t fall into a manhole. We knew he wasn’t swallowed in a giant sinkhole. And we definitely knew he wasn’t bitten by a rattlesnake, refused treatment and died after going night night.

There was speculation as to how he met his end, but nobody knew for sure. We surmised that he probably died of an accidental drug overdose. Mixing GHB or pills with alcohol, who knows? He was booked for a scene the next day, so this was a guy who was working. He wasn’t Steve Driver living in a warehouse that he was getting evicted from by a guy who gets kicked in the balls for a living. Billy Glide was a popular performer who was called frequently for shoots.

Most of the logical people in the business who knew Billy and knew he liked to party occasionally figured an accidental overdose was how he died. It was Memorial Day weekend, so he probably partied a little too hard and made a mistake judging his tolerance. We didn’t report on it on or The, because we didn’t feel there was an urgent need to get the news out there on the weekend before all the facts were in. Billy Glide died, no foul play was involved and the people who knew the details would let everyone know soon enough. Another performer met an unfortunate early end. Not to diminish any of the accomplishments of Billy Glide, but it wasn’t as if Larry Flynt or Steven Hirsch suddenly shit the bed. There was no rush to get out the news of his passing until we knew for sure what happened.

But of course Mike South, everybody’s favorite lying hillbilly, decided to put up a story that he had been bitten by a rattlesnake while helping a friend move and instead of seeking medical treatment, he decided to sleep it off and never woke up. His source for this story was a porn actress, or used to be porn actress. We’re not really sure what she does anymore, except annoy everybody in the business with her loud mouth and useless opinions. That porn actress is none other than Alana Evans.

Mike South got the information from Alana Evans. That is a fact. She even went on her Twitter and said that she had given Mike South the information about Billy, so if anyone called Mike South a liar then they were calling her a liar. Not only did Mike South immediately put up the rattlesnake story, he called AVN and XBIZ and told them to put up the story because Billy Glide’s friends would want to know about it.

Nobody at AdultFYI or The Rob Black Show ran a story about it. Sean Tompkins and Michael “Devil Man” Whiteacre didn’t write a story about it on Kelli Roberts didn’t run it on or Only Mike South, AVN and XBIZ reported on it. But AVN and XBIZ ran the story only because Mike South personally emailed Theo Sapoutzis and Alec Helmy. That’s not Rob Black saying it. That’s Mike South saying that he was going to run the rattlesnake story and that they should too. So they did.

Mike South is the person who broke this story about Billy Glide being bitten by a buddy’s rattlesnake and being too stupid to get medical attention. He says the reason he didn’t seek treatment was because his friend’s snake was unlicensed and he didn’t want to get him in trouble. So Billy just decided to sleep it off. Sleep it off like it was just a headache or something. One of South’s idiot message board posters speculated that Billy probably didn’t have insurance and didn’t go to the hospital because he couldn’t afford the expensive snake bite treatment. What this moron doesn’t realize is that no medical facility is gonna turn away a dying snakebite victim because he doesn’t have money. That doesn’t happen anymore, dummy. Most intelligent people thought that the snake bite story was as bogus as Bill Clinton meeting space aliens in The Weekly World News.

What’s even more unbelievable is that people still advertise on Mike South’s site and take him at his word on anything.

Here’s what South posted Sunday:

“Billy Glide Dies From Rattlesnake Bite”

“Apparently he was helping a friend move and the friend had a pet rattle snake.  Billy got bit and chose NOT to go to the hospital, most likely because the snake was not legally owned and he didnt want to get his friend into trouble.”

“He went to sleep and never woke up.”

“Billy was well liked in the industry.”

“Our condolences to his friends and family”

That is what Mike South posted. It was a lie. He got the lie from Alana Evans, who said that if people were calling Mike South a liar, then they were calling her a liar. OK. You’re a liar, you twat. You put the news out there so that you could be relevant for about five minutes. So people would say, “Alana Evans told me.”

Mike South gets the big scoop from Alana Evans on Sunday. Now we go to the 26th, which was Monday:

“Billy Glide Didn’t Die From A Snakebite”

“As soon as the story went up there were some things that didn’t ring true to me.”

So why would you write about it? If the story didn’t ring true, why would you run it? Who does that?

“First a rattlesnake bite isnt usually fatal  in an adult, it can be, but in general it is extremely painful with the poison creating violent symptoms including nausea, it’s unlikely anyone would sleep.”

So why would you post a story and say he got bit, speculate that he didn’t seek help because he didn’t want to get his friend in trouble and say that he went to sleep? With all this knowledge you have about rattlesnake bites why would you print that bullshit? Because in your rush to get the scoop you posted something that was a lie. You are a liar. If this doesn’t prove it to everyone, I don’t know what will.

“I also started hearing that the story wasn’t correct that Billy had died from a drug overdose, specifically GHB and alcohol but others may have been involved.”

“Billy had been on a downward spiral for a while.”

How do you know that, Mike South? The guy like to party. He’s done GHB since I’ve known him for over ten years. Why is it that if someone does drugs they’re on a downward spiral? Why can’t you just say he liked to party and when you mix GHB and alcohol, it can be a lethal combination and he accidentally OD’d?

Kinda like what River Phoenix did at the Viper Room. I don’t think River Phoenix was on a “downward spiral.” I don’t think River Phoenix was sitting there saying “My life sucks. I’m getting movie after movie and making millions of dollars. I’m gonna go to Johnny Depp’s club and do as many drugs as I can and die on the sidewalk.” River Phoenix was on top of the world, he liked to party and experienced life a little too much and accidentally OD’d. Chris Farley was on top of the world. He loved to party and hang out with beautiful women. He did too much one night and his 350 body couldn’t handle it. John Belushi was in hit movie after hit movie. He got a little stupid one night and let a drugged out skank hooker shoot him up with a speedball. None of these people were on a “downward spiral.” None of them wanted to die.

I don’t buy into the concept that people do drugs because they hate their lives and are self destructive and want to die like Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Some people just like to party and have fun and sometimes they make a mistake. I don’t think Jimi Hendrix was depressed and suicidal about being a rock god. He took too much one night and accidentally died.

Billy Glide has always liked to party with GHB and the sad fact is that as you get older your body can’t handle that shit like you did in your 20’s. A little unregulated GHB or pills and booze could result in you choking in your own puke or going to sleep and not waking up. Just because someone does drugs doesn’t mean they are depressed. A kid who likes to go to a rave on the weekend and do ecstasy and suck on a pacifier and take home a bunch of girls and have them eat his ass for seven hours isn’t someone who is unhappy or suicidal. He could get some bad shit and die. He didn’t need a support group. He got unlucky.

“It has been confirmed now that the cause of death was an overdose, it is unclear if it was intentional but it is believed that it was not.”

Mike South, you are an asshole. You have caused more harm to the name of Billy Glide and his family by saying the things you said, because you’ve taken a simple accidental overdose and turned it into a national debate on snake bites and suicide.

“In the end it doesn’t matter much except that it changes the nature of his death and of the story, Billy was well liked and he will be missed.”

“It isnt unusual for aging male pornstars to fall into depression and substance abuse, one day you are on top of the business and in a few years you start to slide, and all too soon you are a once was.  You find that to people inside porn you are “getting too old” and to people outside porn you are damaged goods and sadly the support system inside porn usually involves substance abuse.”

“Rest In Peace Billy”

See what I mean? Basically he’s saying that Billy Glide was a washed up has been who didn’t work, so he took drugs and alcohol to escape his miserable life. He was sitting in a motel room taking GHB and drinking alcohol until he died.

He does anybody let this piece of shit get away with this? How?

Alana Evans gives him a story about Billy dying from a snake bite. He later admits he doesn’t really believe it. People tell him that Billy died from an OD. He says he knew the snake bite story was bullshit the minute he posted it. But he posted it anyway. Why? Why would you keep up a story that you say later you didn’t believe? Because you did believe it. You believed a know nothing idiot like Alana Evans, someone who is so far removed from the business that she might as well be living in Georgia. You believed that Billy died from a bite from his friend’s pet rattlesnake and didn’t get treatment because he didn’t want his buddy to get in trouble. Then when someone points out what an idiot you are for believing this, you sat there in your trailer with your street hookers that you pick up for your Southern Bukkake parties and say you knew it was bullshit all along. You have a story that you printed that is complete bullshit. Why don’t you take it down?

Then he says that Billy Glide was a has been who wasn’t getting any work, even though he had a shoot booked for the next day. He was a loser who didn’t get work and sat around and did GHB and drank booze until he died.

What he posted after this is what my fan emailed me about and what got me on this rant:

“Sometimes You Try To Get It Right But You Get Mislead”

“A small handful of morons have nothing better to do than try to get attention by trying to discredit their superiors.  It doesn’t work but it doesn’t stop them from trying.”

“Everyone ran the story yesterday about the snakebite, including myself.”

Who’s everyone, Mike South? You reported on it and AVN and XBIZ reported on it. The only reason AVN and XBIZ did is because you called Theo Sapoutzis and Alec Helmy to tell them to report on it. Saying everyone ran the story is a lie. You three were the only ones to run it and you told them to run it.

“When a family member…”

It wasn’t a family member. It was Alana Evans. She said in a tweet that she called and told you. Are you saying that Alana Evans got it from a family member? If that’s the case, you’re lying. You got it from Alana Evans, who supposedly got it from a family member. You got third hand information and ran a story on it. No family member called Mike South and told him anything. It’s one of Mike South’s classic lies. Like when he says he has a Georgia OSHA inspector on all of his sets, when in reality one of the guys that he gets from the street for his bukkake shoots told him he worked at OSHA, cleaning bathrooms for all we know.

“…says it was a snakebite thats enough for any journalist, so I don’t beat up on anyone for that.  Then it turns out the family was using an incident from weeks ago(he did get treatment and recovered Im told)  to cover the suspected over dose, I say suspected because the autopsy reports arent back as to cause of death. It wasn’t a lie we were simply mislead by the family and I don’t fault them for that.”

Again, no family member called Mike South and told him anything. He is a lying cuntbag.

“What we arent doing is sitting on our asses and making shit up because we like or dont like someone.”

How do you figure that? Go through the history of Mike South’s blog. All he does is attack people he doesn’t like. He’s attacked me, Tee Reel, Scott Sparks, Axel Braun, Michael Whiteacre and many, many others. He makes shit up about people he doesn’t like all the time and he’s been doing it for years. He has the audacity to say he doesn’t sit around and make shit up? He posted a picture of the 50 man gang bang and said one of the participants was Xander Corvus. He said an old Mexican hooker on an escort site was HIV positive Sofia Delgado. He said there was a strain on super gonorrhea running through porn valley to deflect attention away from Marc Randazza’a involvement with a pedophile. He rewrote history when he said that he never was fired from Elegant Angel and left with me, Tom Byron and Van Damage because Patrick Collins cut our money in half. He sits around and makes shit up. How much more evidence do you need that this guy is a liar?

“I actually sent emails to Theo and to Helmy and said hey this is a story you should be on.  Its a tragic story and I hate that it happened but his friends in the biz are going to want to know.”

You sent emails that said Billy Glide was bitten by a rattlesnake, refused treatment and died. You wanted his friends to know a lie.

“I met Billy a few times and he was a nice guy,  I wish that he had some other outlet to ease whatever burdens he was feeling.”

What burden? He liked to party. Just like you like to drive around Georgia and pick up street hookers for your bukkake parties. That’s something you like to do. And Billy Glide liked to party. You could get killed by an Aileen Wuornos-type hooker or catch a deadly STD, which you probably already have. The tragedy is that Billy died doing what he liked to do and you haven’t yet. We can only pray that it does happen. And soon.

“He left behind a lot of people who obviously cared deeply for him.  Now that the story has been accurately reported its over but it doesn’t change the fact that Billy was well liked and that we all wish his death could have somehow been avoided.”

“Instead of funding The FSC, I think the industry would be far better served by funding a support organization for performers, maybe helping veterans like Billy find other work in the industry, there’s lots of people who could make use of it and who could help with it.”

Billy Glide wasn’t homeless and just sitting around doing GHB and drinking. You’re such a Captain Save-A-Ho. You say you want to save everybody, but you lie and destroy reputations and peoples’ names. You want to save the industry? Do it as favor and put a shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger.

“We really should take better care of our own, dropping HIV positive performers into AHF’s lap has backfired on us for sure.  At one time I had heard that some industry players were discussing doing that but it never happened..too bad really.”

How did we go from talking about you saying Billy Glide died from a snakebite, information that Alana Evans told you, to talking about HIV performers? I get it, you’re trying to divert attention away from your stupidity and lies.

“Time to move on but lets not forget and if you know someone that needs help encourage them to get it…Its time to get this biz back on track.”

You’re talking about a business that you’re not welcome in, motherfucker. You’re not part of this business. You haven’t been part of the business since I got your ass fired from Elegant Angel. That was the day you were exiled back to Georgia. From that day on, you’ve been nothing but a thorn in this industry’s side. Anybody who associates with you or does business with you is a scumbag piece of shit who is no better than you are.

You are not welcome. Like We Are The World got the music industry together to end world hunger, I pray this industry gets together and joins hands and says to the lying hypocrite hillbilly vermin Mike South:


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