Blacks getting targeted because? Charlotte Shooting causing riots and Fried Chicken and Watermelon

So here we go again with Blacks playing the poor me race card and hitting the streets rioting and breaking the law hurting others and destroying public and private property of others. These blacks scream that they are being unfairly targeted but why on earth would a police officer [white or black] be scared of a black man and shoot him? Keep in mind the police officer that shot armed and dangerous Keith Lamont Scott was BLACK.


Here they are breaking destroying the businesses and steeling the property of hard working Americans that dont sit around on food stamps and welfare selling drugs on the streets and or hooking like Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers and her two time DUI sister Victoria Mayers. You know sitting around playing domino’s drinking 40’s all day on the front porch. Porch Monkeys!

Here is one ranting about how unfair she is treated for NO REASON!

Here is another pulling the race card. I would love to see these entitled fucks pull that black race card on the side of the road with police in a 3rd world country and then drive off. They would get there ass beat faster than they can say Fried Chicken and Watermelon.

But seriously ask yourself why anyone would treat them differently or be scared of one


But wait, why would so many blacks be in jail?

More reasons Blacks are scum and getting what they ask for!

Wait what? “Violent crimes, rape murder and so on are 90% black perpetrator and 90% white the victim, and a black man says this?

Now to all of you that was reading this and thinking this post is racist and or still think this post is racist. FUCK YOU YOU STUPID FUCKING IN DENIAL MORON BECAUSE YOUR THE REASON AMERICA IS AS FUCKED UP AS IT IS.


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