Blame the Mainstream Press For What’s Happening; Jennifer White, See a Doctor

Instead of writing whimsical pieces about Farrah Abraham and Sydney Leathers, the mainstream press, i.e., The Daily Beast and others need to get their priorities straight and began writing stories about how unsafe the adult business is.

Rob Black reported on John Stagliano hiding his HIV condition months ago and all he took was abuse from the likes of “journalist” Richard Abowitz. In two weeks you’ve had a Syphilis scandal, a hepatitis scandal and now an HIV scandal. Black also warned you about crossover performers and was ridiculed for that as well.

If it’s true, that the female patient zero’s boyfriend is a crossover performer and was in the anal cream pie gang bang last week, Jennifer White [pictured] better get her ass over to a clinic pronto.

It’s over for this industry.

This is what I said in my Tarot reading for 2013 concerning the industry: “Picture a fire in a building and making a beeline towards the exits. I think that’s what we’re going to see in porn.”

Here’s what I also said: “For the Free Speech Coalition, the Moon rules which means this organization becomes more secretive. If performers, such as Amber Lynn, who’s running for a spot of the board feel disenfranchised, they’ve seen nothing yet.

“Diane Duke will eventually be removed from her spot [though the cards told me this was happening a lot sooner] and be replaced by a ‘pater familias’ whose personal interests and philosophies are more in keeping with the business. Duke is the example of what happens when you bring an outsider into the mix. It was a bad match all around.”


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