Blue Hour Entertainment Announces ; Public Launch Set for October 3rd

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LOS ANGELES — Blue Hour Entertainment has officially announced, the latest innovation in adult entertainment. Hottcast allows its users to view live broadcasted, high-definition, production-quality adult entertainment.

Additionally, users can chime in with comments and polls to direct their own fantasies. The true innovation, however, is the addition of multiple camera angles with no loss of quality during streaming.

Founded by veterans of the technology industry, the Blue Hour Entertainment team is applying their knowledge of innovative products and services to adult entertainment.

“Innovation in the adult industry has all but disappeared, and we hope to bring it back for the better of the industry, as well as to better technological innovation as a whole,” said Brandon Himeros, CEO of Blue Hour Entertainment.

“We’re positioning ourselves as a leading supporter of the adult industry and are focusing on creating a comfortable, safe work environment with benefits such as profit sharing and health insurance for the talent we work with regularly. We also realize consumers are looking for something new and exciting, and we’re here to provide just that.”

On September 27th, Hottcast is launching a private preview to the adult industry, which will be followed by a public launch on October 3rd. Other innovations from Blue Hour will follow and will be launched at a rate of approximately one product per month.

To signup for an invitation to Hottcast and receive exclusive material after the launch, visit

About Blue Hour: Blue Hour Entertainment ( is the new frontier in adult entertainment. With their background and expertise in the high-tech industry, Blue Hour is developing high-quality, innovative new product offerings for adult consumers and industry alike.

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