Bluebird Film’s Paul Chaplin Has Ticked Off His Neighbors Big Time

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from – An adult film-maker has sparked fury among his neighbors after building a helipad in the garden of his multi-million pound Surrey mansion.

Outraged neighbours claim Bluebird Films boss Paul Baxendale-Walker [‘aka Paul Chaplin] did not consult residents or the council before building the helicopter landing pad behind his Surrey home.

But when locals complained about the ‘eyesore’, the Oxford-educated former lawyer responded by saying: ‘If they want a lift, they can just ask me.’

Residents of Burwood Road in upmarket Hersham – who said they were under the impression their new neighbour was going to build a Japanese garden or ornamental lake behind his property – were dismayed to see the paddock being dug up and filled with concrete.

But the defiant entrepreneur, who bought the house in January, defended his right to build the helipad, declaring that ‘every English man’s home is his castle’.

Jean Connell, who has lived next door to the property now owned by Mr Baxendale-Walker for over 50 years, said: ‘The whole thing has been absolutely horrible.

‘The entire field is full of mess and mud and now a huge slab of concrete.

‘It’s a real eyesore and now there’s even a possibility of a helicopter coming down the whole time.’

Fellow neighbour Kim Groom said: ‘We were under the impression that it was going to be a Japanese garden, but suddenly last week the builders started pouring concrete into the paddock.

‘At first I thought it was going to be an ornamental lake. The area is surrounded by really tall trees and there are horses and donkeys in the next door field.’

Villagers say a helicopter landed on the nearby Old Burhill Golf Course after veering away from the landing pad in the garden of Mr Baxendale-Walker’s house, which came with planning permission for an underground swimming pool and gym.

‘The horses in the next-door field went berserk,’ Mrs Groom’s husband Malcolm said.

Neighbours and councillors claim Mr Baxendale-Walker is in breach of planning laws and Burhill Estates, which sold the land on which the helipad has been built, say it is ‘totally inappropriate’.

But the former lawyer, who also hosts late night discussion show The Red Zone under the name Paul Chaplin, said in a statement: ‘Every Englishman’s home is his castle – I am completely entitled to have a helipad on my land. If they want a lift, they can just ask me.’

Mr Groom said: ‘He says he can do what he wants with his castle, but what about our castle?’

Many of the large detached houses in Burwood Road, Hersham, Surrey, stand in their own grounds and are owned by multi-millionaires.

Catherine Heath, a retired grandmother-of-five, who lives in another large house just along road close to the golf course, said the exclusive area is home to a number of celebrities.

‘Max Clifford lives across the road, Cliff Richard has lived here, Mick Jagger, those sort of people.’ she said.

‘I haven’t met him yet but I expect I will…there are lots of parties, we’re a very social lot.

‘It was basically an old, little farmhouse that he pulled down and he’s replaced it with a classic new-build, five or six bedrooms, that sort of thing,’ Mrs Heath said.

‘Originally it had three acres and he bought another two acres – it’s £5 million and that’s without the underground swimming pool which is another million, so it’s now worth about six and a half million.

‘They’ve all got helicopters on the golf course – it’s the way things are going. People are just really going to be wanting lifts from him.

Mrs Heath added: ‘Sometimes I think people are jealous, that’s why they make a fuss.’

Mrs Groom said the helipad had been built at the boundary between her home and Mr Baxendale-Walker’s new property.

‘Instead of looking over a paddock, we now look over a concrete block,’ she said.

The Grooms approached Elmbridge Borough Council and were told it was a ‘Priority C’ issue that would be looked at in a fortnight’s time.

A council spokesman confirmed that it is looking in to the issue as it has been contacted by ‘a number of concerned residents’.

He added that officers visited the site last week to ‘ascertain precisely what planning issues there are to consider’.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, the building of a helipad on private land is a matter of agreement between the owner and the local planning authorities.

Yet in the five planning applications for the house since 2010, there has been no mention of building a helipad, said local councillor Roy Green.

Mr Green said: ‘There must be an application for a helipad and there was none so the owner is breaking planning laws.

‘Bluebird Films have studios just down the road in the Hersham Trading Estate and it has a flat roof so I don’t see why he can’t put a helipad there.’

Paul Barnes, property manager for Burhill Estates, which sold the land, said ‘We believe it is totally inappropriate.

‘We are taking legal action and it is now in our solicitors’ hands.’

Mr Baxendale-Walker worked as a laywer until 2007 and has written several academic law books, before turning his attention to a media career with the television discussion show The Red Zone on Edge TV in 2009.

Guests on the discussion show have included ’80s pop star Boy George and former Big Brother housemate Aisleyne Horgan Wallace.

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