Bonnie Rotten Wins Lead in Tommy Pistol Zombie Feature for Smash

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VENICE, CA – Bonnie Rotten is in the midst a huge Ohio homecoming right now, but that hasn’t stopped her from making waves back in Porn Valley. She has just been announced as the star in tentatively-titled It’s a Hard World, an original scripted zombie movie written and directed by Tommy Pistol.

It was also announced that Pistol has been snapped up by Smash Pictures as a contract director for the company, which will release the movie.

Bonnie, a rabid fan of horror movies, is thrilled to have the role.

“This is so appropriate for me as an avid horror fan,” she told XBIZ. “Knowing that Tommy is also a horror fan makes this project so special because we are harnessing old school horror and molding it into something delightfully dirty. When Tommy called me I was so stoked – Bonnie Rotten is a zombie after all. My pin-up zombie alter ego is tattooed on the back of my right thigh. What a cool project to by my first feature film. This is going to be amazing.”

Production on It’s a Hard World is schedule to commence in late February or early March.

This week New Sensations released The Gang Bang of Bonnie Rotten. Friday she’ll be signing at Quik Video in Fairfield, OH, from 12 to 2, then from 6-8 she’ll be at the Hustler Store in Monroe, OH. That night she will be returning to the first club where she made her debut, Harem’s Gentleman’s Club, from 10 pm to 2 am, signing autographs and chatting it up with fans.

This weekend Bonnie will be representing LA Choppers at the V-Twin Expo by Easyriders at he the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati.

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