Bonnie Rotten’s New Boobs to Be Unveiled on Twitter Today

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VENICE, CA – Bonnie Rotten spent the weekend relaxing and getting used to her new breasts and re-learning how to walk gracefully now that her weight has suddenly shifted. It would be inelegant for such a young and beautiful girl to walk hunched over, not to mention it wouldn’t give folks the full impact of what she just paid good money for.

Today, Monday, Sept. 17, is the first opportunity for fans to get a look at the improvements when she unveils them on twitter at noon PST. More pics are sure to follow, but this is the very first opportunity to get a glimpse of the newbies.

To help get yourself in the mood, give her WHACK! interview a read:

Follow Bonnie on Twitter @thebonnierotten. For more on Bonnie Rotten visit and She represents herself for print and video projects and can be reached at [email protected]

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