Brandon Iron Begins Moving Some Of His Platinum X Titles To JM

Chatsworth, CA – Since November of 2007 JM Productions has been the proud exclusive distributor of all new DVD product released by the world’s favorite sex addicted pornographer Brandon Iron’s studio – Brandon Iron Productions.

This arrangement has been incredibly successful for both parties, as Brandon’s lines have consistently been among the company’s best sellers, allowing Brandon the financial freedom to pursue an aggressive globetrotting and hooker-banging schedule. JM Productions and Brandon Iron are proud to announce that Brandon will begin bringing over select titles from his library that have previously only available through Platinum X Pictures and re-releasing them exclusively through JM, beginning with I Love It Rough on March 8th.

By the end of spring, JM Productions will have the entire I Love It Rough series available to distributors and Brandon will begin bringing over other select titles and lines.

“This is an amazing opportunity for porn fans, and these releases will generate tons of demand because many of these titles have been sold-out and unavailable from Platinum X for quite some times,” explains JM publicist Tony Malice.

“People call us up every day asking for many of Brandon’s titles that they simply can not get anywhere. We are happy that we are about to start fixing that for distributors, retailers, and most of all Brandon’s fans.”

“I could not be more happy about this arrangement,” explains Brandon Iron. “I Love It Rough is one of my all time favorite series, and it was breaking my heart that people couldn’t get some of these titles any more. I have been celebrating this development for the past few weeks by treating myself to the mouths, cunts, and assholes of dozens of Czech prostitutes here in Prague. Life is good. I’ll send a postcard.”

“Brandon Iron is a like a kid in a candy store, and seeing the way he looks at a woman’s asshole with wondrous joy in his eyes is one of those amazing life experiences that I am personally proud to be a part of,” notes Malice. “The more titles we can distribute for Brandon the better, and we hope that his joyride in the mouths and assholes of the world’s daughters continues for the indefinite future.”

Brandon Iron’s I Love It Rough will be available on March 8th and stars Jewel De’Nyle, Julie Night, Ashly Moore, and Claire Ryder, along with Brandon Iron and his cadre of madmen. I Love It Rough 2 will follow on March 22nd, with further volumes and title release dates TBD. Distributors can learn more and place pre-orders now by contacting JM Productions at (800) 550-3659. For more information or to acquire your copy please visit on the web!

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