Breaking Down The Alex Gonz Bullshit Part 1 : The Mike South Version

Alex Gonz.

Yes everybody, we’re back to talking about disease.

I’m sure right now everyone is glued to their radios, to their computers, wherever they can tune into The Rob Black Show.

There are two groups of people who are listening. One group of people who want to know the truth that say, “Rob, we’ve read all the press releases, now we what to hear the truth. The other group is saying, the ones who are trying to perpetrate this fraud, who are saying, “All right. Where did we fuck up? Because now Rob Black is going to pick out every flaw with this bullshit story that we’ve had two months to work on.”

Two months.

Alex Gonz vanished into thin air. Poof! And now he’s back!

The story they weave has the same bullshit elements as when they talk about HIV, he’s not contagious, no one was put at risk, he has a low viral load. I mean, we’re talking about having half diseases now.

Let me put everybody in the loop. Alex Gonz today has re-emerged. XBIZ acts like he went away for the weekend and now he’s back after collecting his thoughts. Two fucking months!

The story around the campfire was, “Where’s Alex Gonz? Where’s Alex Gonz? Where’s Alex Gonz?”

Now he’s back.

Alex Gonz is a guy who was caught in a web of lies and deceit, you name it. And ultimately everybody today has had two months to come up with a story in order to figure on who to place blame, to get Alex Gonz working again and who do we throw under the bus.

There are three articles. One on Mike South, one on XBIZ and one on AVN.

I don’t know which article to read, because they all have little tidbits of bullshit in them. And each tidbit of bullshit runs into the next tidbit of bullshit and it intertwines into just a giant ball of shit.

Alex Gonz has hepatitis C. And the big debate is what varying degree of hepatitis C does he have? Contagious, non contagious? At the end of the day we’re talking about somebody who has a deadly disease. And this person is debating about how deadly and how contagious it is. It’s the John Stagliano school of logic.

When you read about what everyone’s saying they all step on each others dicks.

Alex Gonz has hep C. He has been going to testing facilities that don’t test for hep C because they would show that he has it, which by his own admission he has known about since at least 2010. He circumvented the testing system by showing paperwork that cleared him to work because that paperwork didn’t test for hepatitis C.

Now Lisa Ann, the great Lisa Ann, super MILF extraordinaire was scheduled to work with him. She was scheduled to work with Alex and asked to see all of Alex Gonz’ paperwork.

And Alex said, “Sure here you go.”

Then Lisa said, “No, I need to see the full panel with hep c.”

And he goes “uhhh…well” and she goes, “According to the database you’re unavailable. Where’s your hep C paperwork? You have all these others panels of tests” and he goes “uhhhhhh…”

And then he fucking vanishes.

What we found out is Alex Gonz has hep C and when Lisa Ann asked for his test he could not produce it, because if he went to the testing facility that required the hep C test, he would show positive for hep C.

So when he was wedged into a position, he fled. And that was that.

Then there was all this speculation. How did Lisa Ann know he was hep C positive? She has a vendetta, and then I was involved and I told everybody how I told Lisa Ann everybody the information and nobody believed me, but according to all available sources, everybody in the cool clique of porn knew Alex Gonz had hep C. And if Rob Black is hanging out with someone that used to hang out with the cool clique, why couldn’t Rob Black have possibly known through these channels that Alex Gonz was possibly hep C? So I knew a certain amount of people who were plugged into the Alex Gonz hep C pipeline.

So it was pretty well known in the circles that Alex had hep C. Now if that was the case can anyone tell me how Derek Hay, Mr. Knowing of All Talent, Mr. Number One Agent, who represents 75% of the talent working and 90% of the studios, and he represented Gracie Glam and knows everything about anything, can anyone tell me how Derek Hay never knew Alex Gonz ever had hep C and Alex Gonz is saying he’s had it since 2010, he’s really had it since 2003, or maybe birth. But in 2010 the jig was up and he was found out.

All of these people knew about it including the clinic. But somehow Derek Hay never ever found out about it. So does this mean Derek Hay isn’t part of that inner circle of porn talent, even thought part of that inner circle works for him? Hmmm…

And you all believe it.

So which bullshit do you wanna plow through first? Shall we go with Mikey South?

Mike South is only funny because he reads everything with a puppy dog naivete. He definitely has a love attraction with Derek because he really tries to put Derek over as this poor agent who knew nothing. Then at the end he takes a shot at me, but the shot at me hangs his boy Derek.

Because by saying that Rob Black didn’t tell anybody shit because the information he had people already knew, so if a flunky loser like me would know you gotta think the most powerful agent in the world would know.

Guys, when you come up with your bullshit, at least try to make sure you cover all your angles. Please.

So let’s read the Mike South article and try to read it with through his puppy dog eyes.

First off, he thanks Alex Gonz for coming forward and inviting him to participate, along with Peter Warren from AVN and Dan Miller from XBIZ. So Derek Hay sets up their press conference and Derek Hay and Alex have been together for the past two months concocting their bullshit.

So here’s what hillbilly South says:

“Alex gave a very thorough timeline starting in Dec of 2009 or January of 2010, he confirmed as I reported previously that he had tested at AIM at the time and had tested positive for Hepatitis C.  At the time Vivid was requiring the test.
He then proceeded to get a secondary test and noted specifically that Jen and Bobbi from AIM (now with CET) had cleared him for work as a result of the secondary test.”

So fuckheads, you do realize that the same people were in charge of the system back in 2010, whether it was AIM or CET, Diane Duke, Christian Mann, etc. So whatever flaws in the system that were there back then are still in place now, because everyone seems to be placing the blame on Bobbi and Jen.

So, he was cleared for work. That’s all. He was cleared for work. He got his secondary test and he was cleared for work.

Fast forward to 2013. He goes into CET to get tested again. He noted that many people were declining the hep c test because it was not required testing. He expected to get the standard test panel, but was also given the hep C test without his knowledge. And of course, it came back positive.

“Bobbi at CET told him that it wasn’t  necessarily an active infection and that he would always have antibodies and they cleared him in APHSS to work.”

“He was given two test papers, one with the standard info and one with the Hep C info.  He was cleared to work in APHSS so he continued to work thinking it was the same thing as his previous test in 2010 or thereabout.”

Two test papers. One with the info and one without. Hmm… Kinda like Mr. Marcus.

So Alex Gonz knew back in 2010 that he had hep C. Bobbi and Jen told him. He gets tested and is positive and takes a secondary test and is cleared to work.

Here’s my question. Between the first positive test and the secondary test that cleared him for work, did he get treated? What is so different about that secondary test?

“Bobbi at CET told him that it wasn’t  necessarily an active infection and that he would always have antibodies and they cleared him in APHSS to work.”

So Bobbi is now a doctor, but she’s also a nurse.

If Alex Gonz is a smart man, why would he not seek out other medical information when he found out he found out he was positive for hep C in 2010, instead relying on the information from a little gray haired lady at AIM?

So Alex Gonz goes back to work. He never goes to another doctor? Never goes to a specialist? He just goes back to fucking girls because little gray haired Bobbi told him he’s not infectious? How does Bobbi know that he doesn’t have an active infection?

So Alex Gonz goes back to work for three years knowing that he was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Not gonorrhea, not chlamydia, but hepatitis C which can kill you.

I hope all you people are listening to me, because I know some lawyers that are listening because every girl that worked with Alex Gonz from 2010 to 2013 has a fucking lawsuit in their hands motherfuckers.

Alex Gonz had a choice to deal with the issue in 2010 or keep covering it up. Which he did. He even said he went to the other clinic that didn’t test for hep c because he didn’t want to deal with the hep c issue. That’s what he said. So I’m gonna get a test that shows I’m clear because I’m not gonna let them spoil my fun.

It’s like the Stagliano case. He didn’t say to the girl, “Listen I have hepatitis C but I’m cleared to work according to Bobbi at AIM.” Why wouldn’t he give the girl the opportunity to make that choice? Why? Because the girl would say no.

Instead of doing that, he just goes to another clinic that doesn’t test for hep C, because it wasn’t required and presents paperwork showing him to be cleared.

If what you had isn’t infectious then, why aren’t you working right now? Why can you not work with what you have now Alex?

Oh, because he went to a specialist. Why did you go to a specialist now Alex? In 2010 he had the same fucking infection that he has now. When he played phone games with Lisa Ann he still had the same infection that he had in 2010. When he vanished for two months and went to a specialist he had the same infection that he had in 2010.

When he finally reappeared with Derek Hay at his side he said he went to a specialist because he wanted answers. So what has changed since 2010? Nothing has changed except that Lisa Ann had ruined Derek Hay’s and Alex Gonz’ fun. But the disease is the fucking same.

So when Lisa Ann outed the little prick, what Derek Hay did was tell Alex that what you’re gonna do is vanish. When you come back we’re gonna say you talked to specialists. But you guys already knew that he was diagnosed in 2010 with it.

When Bobbi at AIM tells you you have hep C you don’t do anything, but when Lisa Ann outs you you go to a medical specialist? That’s when you go see a team of doctors? Bobbi tells you that you have a deadly disease and you live with it for three years and never go to a real doctor?

And you guys are all saying we don’t need condoms?

“He was given two test papers, one with the standard info and one with the Hep C info.  He was cleared to work in APHSS so he continued to work thinking it was the same thing as his previous test in 2010 or thereabout.”

So they didn’t test for hep C because they knew a bunch of people would come up dirty and if they did that, the health department would come in and say you gotta wear rubbers, which if they did that 15 years ago, all those people wouldn’t have contracted HIV, including John Stagliano’s wife Tricia Devereaux.

So Alex Gonz was given two sets of paperwork. Just like the talent that worked with Mr. Marcus who all got dosed with syphilis. One that says he’s clear, the other that says he has hep C, but he’s supposedly non-infectious.

He goes to another APHSS approved clinic that doesn’t test for hep C because it wasn’t required. They say APHSS approved clinic to cover their asses in a lawsuit. He went in there for a test, they didn’t test for hep C, that ain’t his fucking problem. He was cleared to work, he didn’t violate anything, Derek Hay didn’t violate anything. Fuck off.

That’s why hillbilly boy South says after two weeks he was tested at an APHSS approved clinic and was cleared to work. He wasn’t tested at the clinic that would fail him. So he went to a clinic that he knew would not test for hep C. But everybody’s convenient out is that is was listed as an APHSS approved clinic.

Guess what guys. That’s called a fucking loophole! That’s what people use to circumvent rules. And you have people that do exposes and shine a light on loopholes like that and the people that use those loopholes to abuse their power.

You have guys like Mike South trying to cram down everyone’s throat that it was an APHSS approved clinic. But they don’t test for hep C. Doesn’t matter, it’s APHSS approved.

Liability issues aside, how does Derek Hay and Alex Gonz look at anybody in the eye and say that by using this loophole what they did was right?

Alex Gonz is scheduled to work with Lisa Ann. Lisa Ann asks for a copy of his test, including a hep C test, which he says at the time wasn’t required. Alex believes at this time Lisa Ann knows his hep C status. Oh gee. At this time Alex Gonz knows the jig is up. Wow.

This whole loophole of the hep C test not being required, this concept didn’t come out of the air. All of these new tests were being instituted. If the word going around is that hep C tests are going to start being instituted, why would anyone balk at getting a hep C test?

If you’re booked in a BJ with Lisa Ann and she says she needs a hep C test, why would you just not go get that shit? Why would you not just go get it taken care of even though it’s not required just to make Lisa Ann feel better?

That’s not what Alex Gonz does. He goes, “Oh shit. She knows!”

Lisa Ann’s not a retard. She says, “Yo bitch let me see your hep! Oh, you don’t have it? That’s because you have hep. And your Derek’s boy. I got ya. Cool.”

So Lisa texts him on August 9th and says you’re not cleared to work in the PASS system. So he has his roommate check and sees that she’s right. Somebody changed his status “sometime between his last test when he was cleared and Aug 9th.  Even though he had not tested during that time and he had not been notified that he was not cleared for work.”


“At this point Lisa Ann texted him that “If you are willing to prove that Derek (Hay) knew (that he was Hep C positive) you are off the hook.”

Then it goes on:

“The clear indication being that she wanted to implicate L.A Direct.  Derek made the statement that he had no knowledge of Alex’s test results and why would he?”

This is Mike South going into his spin mode.

“This was also stated in a press release on August 12, which was the day the story broke.  Lisa Ann began tweeting about it on August 11.”

“This raises the question of who went in to APHSS and changed Alex Gonz’s status to not available.  It wasn’t done as response to Lisa Ann’s tweets because she hadn’t yet started tweeting about it.  It had to be someone associated with the FSC or with APHSS and it was apparently done to back up Lisa Ann’s claims, no other explanation fits.”

The way this is described is as if Lisa Ann and PASS did something wrong. Alex Gonz was positive for hep C. It was being hidden and this flushed it out.

During this timeline of all of this everything else was going on from Clover to Cameron Bay, there was a big spotlight on everyone and there are people in the health system that know Alex Gonz has hepatitis C and that he is working with it and that they have cleared him.

So Alex Gonz has had a dirty test with hepatitis C. Whoever put in the database that Alex Gonz was unavailable didn’t lie. People at PASS knew he was working with hep C. Somebody changed his status when in reality he should never have been cleared since it was found out he had hep C in 2010!

A little birdie told Lisa Ann that Alex Gonz was hep C positive and was cleared to work. She said, get the fuck out of here!They said to Lisa Ann ask to see a hep C test. Watch.

So for people to throw this weird red herring at Lisa Ann. Nobody made anything up. Alex Gonz has hepatitis C and was cleared to work and Lisa Ann brought it to light. Then somebody at PASS changed his status to unavailable. Now people are trying to condemn them for telling the truth!

Why is that wrong?

This is where the bullshit is awesome. Ready?

“(In the) Meantime(two months) Alex goes to his primary Care physician and requests an STD panel with hep a b and c testing,  he tests positive for Hep C antibodies but a viral load test shows a level considered to be “non infectious”. He is referred to a Gastroenterologist who gives the same opinion but refers him to a Hep C specialist who again tells him the same thing but suggests another test, Alex requests the most sensitive test that can be done.  That test comes back with an active infection but only in very minute amounts.  This is a bit of a quandary because at this low of a level they dont consider him to be in any danger or presenting any danger to anyone else and would not normally treat him because of the toxicity of the treatment.  but without the treatment he cant be cleared of having an active infection and it is also an expensive treatment that the doctor says his insurance likely will not approve.  So Alex can’t perform.  He states that he would like to stay involved in the industry but not as a performer and that he will not perform until he is 100% cleared of any active infection.”

So now Alex Gonz is going to all these doctors that he should’ve gone to in 2010. After Lisa Ann outs him.

Remember everybody, he has an active infection. And he has been working with an active infection for three years and he never deemed it necessary to see his active care physician during this time. So for three years he has been running around with an active infection.

An active infection. But he won’t work right now, even though he can’t infect anybody. Why not? If he can’t infect anybody, what’s wrong with working with an active infection?

So he got his first diagnosis in 2010 and it didn’t alarm him enough to seek more info or stop working, It wasn’t until Lisa Ann was told by a little birdy in the sky to ask for his hep C test that made Alex Gonz freak out, vanish for two months and seek out a specialist. Not one, not two, but three different people to go through a battery of tests and come back and say he’s fine, he never put anyone in danger, but he can’t work now because the specialists told him he has an active infection.

Why didn’t he go to all these doctors three years ago? How does this make sense to any of you?

I love this:

“I do know that Rob Black has publicly taken credit for tipping Lisa Ann to this but I am also told that some people in performer circles have known of his status for a long time and that it is unlikely that it really came from Rob, who likes to take credit for things he really didn’t do.”

So once again, Mike South tries to discredit anything I say and in the process throws his entire theory that poor Derek Hay didn’t know anything about Alex’s status right out the fucking window.

So if me knowing about this information is common knowledge among performer circles, don’t ya think that the great Derek Hay must’ve also known? If all these losers including Rob Black knew that Alex Gonz had hep C, wouldn’t it be plausible to assume that Derek Hay also knew?

So all of these people in performer circles knew about Alex Gonz, Rob Black knew, but the most powerful man in the history of porn agents hasn’t had a clue.

Mike South, whatever you say in your article, you’re really just a shill for Derek Hay.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 : The XBIZ Version

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