Breaking down the phone call between Black Supremcist Monica Foster & Donny Long/Heather Deep – COMEDY GOLD! (LONG)

We here at have obtained a copy of the famous Monica Foster vs Donny Long/Heather Deep phone war that Monica made sure got wiped from JewTube in an effort to hide her racism, violence and anger ahead of her Las Vegas trial and we will post the call in 5 parts throughout the next week. Problem for Monica is that 1) She lost the trial anyway and 2) The internet never forgets and we will now bring this phone conversation to you here on FYI and Monica will never get it deleted from here. Sure she can contact the host as she has done to posts that appear on Porn Wiki Leaks and but it isn’t going to do anything.  We intend to go over this call with a fine tooth comb in this article and expose Monica for the fake Christian and violent and hateful, horrible, racist human being that she really is. So without further ado…

The floor belonged to Monica during the first half of the call as she would not let Donny or Heather get a word in. During this time, Monica threatened to be a good Christian and pull Heather’s beautiful long and black Asian hair out followed by gouging Heather’s eyes out and blinding her. Now keep in mind this sweet and innocent young Thai mother to be and wife never hurt a fly. This angry, middle aged and single black whore that lives with her mother simply has no reason to hate Heather and there is no reason for violence outside of Monica being a hateful, bitter and angry old maid with violent black genes just like all the rioters and murderers and criminals that you see on your TV every night.

Next, threats were made to the 6’01, 175 Donny Long. Now, let’s forget that Monica is a little 5’6 150 pound out of shape drug, alcohol and cancer stick addicted twerp and would get smashed by any man – And we do not condone violence against women here BUT if a woman assaults a man he has every right to defend himself. But the fact is that Monica would cower in fear if someone hit her so she would never dish out what she knows she can’t finish. She is too gutless to appear in court but she’s gonna physically assault people that are twice her size? BULLSHIT!

Monica then played the classic race card that Black Americans are so fond of and called Heather a “Stupid Asian bitch” and repeatedly referred to Heather throughout as a “Monkey, straight out of the jungle,” “Ching chong, ding dong,” “Ladyboy”  and “Chink.” Such  good and loving Christian woman and let’s not forget that “Blacks can’t be racist.” Isn’t that what they always say? Monica then went on to attack the way Heather looks. Now, looks are highly subjective but Heather has hundreds of fans and a husband with a child on the way so however she looks, she didn’t do too badly for herself while Monica is 38, barren and has no job, husband or future to speak of while living with her mother.

Now keep in mind that Monica would not let anyone else have their say during the first half of the call. She talked over Heather and Donny and wouldn’t let them have her say. Classic coward move just like using the block button and not showing up for court.

As for Monica having a go at Heather’s limited English, well, Heather has limited English because it is her second language. How many languages can Monica speak?

As the call passes the midway point, Monica, the loving Christian, encouraged Heather and Donny to put guns to their heads and kill themselves. Let’s not forget that Monica has threatened suicide multiple times and always been too cowardly to follow through.

Monica can also been seen calling Heather a whore throughout despite Monica having smut videos and photos numbering in the hundreds online. Heather’s scenes in XXX are all with Donny or women while Monica can be seen whoring herself out with multiple men and even crossovers such as Christianx and Danny Mountain. She also web cams alone to this day – A true whore.

As the call passes the 30 minute mark, Monica made more racist comments and slurs and claimed Donny would eventually kill Heather. She even claimed that all Americans make fun of Asians and had a go at the mentally handicapped. Monica said “Asians are retarded,” since when? Asians are the highest earners in the U.S. and also the fittest while Americans like Monica are fat, poor and lazy. Asians get the last laugh.

As the call moves down the final stretch, more threats were made by the failed black hooker. Monica claimed to know the whereabouts of the couple and threatened to murder them. Both Donny and Heather can be heard laughing and provoking the Black American.

Next, Monica’s parents are brought up and then she loses it and makes her classic FBI threats. Donny is then heard laughing uncontrollably as Monica goes on to claim that she is better than Donny as “I’m in America and you couldn’t cut it in America.” Oh yeah? Monica lives with her mother at age 38 and owes $166,600 in legal debts. How’s that for cutting it in America? One thing you do not do in the sue happy United States is to provoke an attorney and Monica did just that. Game over, life ruined.

Monica then shows her true gold digging whore colors claiming “If I was Heather I would have found an old rich white guy (Instead of Donny).” as Monica knows she can’t cut it on her own without the help of a sugar daddy or her own daddy and mommy. No self esteem, no confidence, no education or job prospects. A true bottom feeding black whore.

And then Monica plays the hairline card and pokes fun at Donny’s naturally high hairline. Now, we know how she feels about men’s hairlines. She is basically a pedophile that demands that her man has a childhood hairline but this shows how much she hates her father as he is as bald as an 8 ball (He looks like about a 7 on the Norwood hair loss scale). She had also talked about how Donny will die young of heart disease but as she is a drug addict, smoker and alcoholic, it is likely that she is the one that will succumb to one of the classic killers of African Americans, a heart attack, stroke or diabetes.

Now at this point, Monica is thumping her chest about being lucky to be in America and Donny cant come back here but she constantly badmouths America as it is now Trumps America. So make up your mind.

Monica then made comments about how Donny is going to have bad things happen to him but what ended up happening since this phone call is that SHE ended up getting her head handed to her in court to where she has very few options left in life. Everything bad seems to happen to HER and no one else.

Now at this point she again won’t stop running her mouth and won’t get Donny get a word in as she can’t handle the truth or criticism.

Next she shows her fag haggedness by talking up homosexual crossover high risk HIV Ryan Driller/Jeremy Bilding/Adam Cuculich. A true fag fag. No one cares about the men in porn or what they look like except fag hags. Not even fags care because they don’t watch straight porn. In straight porn it’s all about the girls which is why she couldn’t cut it as an XXX performer and now is bitter, alone and angry.

She also claimed Donny and Heather’s kids will be ugly but at least they will have kids. Monica will die an old maid, alone and without ever having married or had children or even formed a relationship with her nephew.

At this point (Around 40:00) the conversation becomes tiresome as Monica, used to living in the echo chamber of Twitter with her block button, will not let Donny get a word in as she can’t take the heat and her voice is listening to someone’s nails on a chalk board.

Then, in a moment of carelessness, she drops her mommy’s home address which PROVES she doesn’t give a shit about her mother as she is now inviting everyone who hears the call to her mom’s private residence so the mom can deal with the consequences of her daughter’s big mouth. Threats were then made to beat up Donny with a ball bat but folks, she was too much of a coward to even show up for court to try to defend herself against very serious charges (And as a result, the judge threw the book at her) so how is she going to physically assault anyone? She then claimed Donny couldn’t come back to the U.S for the beating she is threatening to give him which PROVES the only reason she is making threats is because she knows she won’t have to say any of this face to face.

AND THEN Donny drops a bomb about her JANUARY (2017?) court case (Which then causes her to momentarily go silent). Donny then breaks out laughing because HE KNEW she was about  to be ass raped in court…AND SHE WAS! LOL! Donny then breaks out in uncontrollable laughter while Monica makes more empty murder threats. Silence on Monica’s end again as Donny proclaims that she is a gutless coward that can and will do NOTHING TO ANYONE! Monica, stung by the truth, is at a loss for a few moments while she collects herself – She is stunned and she is on the ropes! Donny has her in trouble! DOWN GOES MAYERS! DOWN GOES MAYERS!

Monica comes back with questions about why her folks are being constantly brought up (While she finds no problems calling Donny’s wife and future kids ugly monkeys and threatening to visit Donny’s father’s home). Donny then continues the beatdown with the truth about her fucked up family, a gay dad and a mom that had kids with that man and an single mother drunk for a sister. And Donny and Heather have bad genes? Really? She should not have been born. She should not exist. And SHE. KNOWS. IT!

At  this point Monica is at a loss and calls Donny a faggot and a male whore – the old standbys. Hey isn’t her man Ryan Driller a male whore too? Even more so than Donny as Ryan takes it up his ass and sucks dick. He is a WHORE of the highest order!

Donny then continues the dominance by telling the truth about how she failed at porn, escorting and even web camming. She again is at a loss for a few moments. Monica collects herself and claims Donny is scared of her while Donny laughs uncontrollably in the background. Keep in mind he had been laughing for most of the discussion while Monica is as serious as the heart attack that she will have and that will kill her in her early 50’s.

Donny then claims the video of the call will go up on the JewTube but we have it for you right here on FYI as Monica had them pulled from JewTube out of embarrassment and shame. It will not come down from here though. She will be shamed over this call for the end of time whether or not she consents to it she is powerless to get it taken off this site. Go cry to the host, nothing will ever happen.

When Monica then threatened to shoot Donny, he fired back with the epic “You couldn’t afford the bullets for the gun” and then burst out no uncontrollable laughter once again and you know what? He is right as she doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

She also challenged Donny to give the recording of the call to Marc Randazza (WTF?) but that ship has sailed at Marc raped her in court to the tune of $166600 call or no call.

Now at this stage Donny goes for the jugular and brings up Ivan Mayers and his homosexuality and cowardice while Monica sits in stunned silence. She then brings up Ivan’s successful career (Thanks to affirmative action) but no one attacked him professionally, he was productive at work, just a cowardly human being that should never have had kids. Ivan = A success at work, a miserable FAILURE at home!

She then keep playing the “Male prostitute” card @ Donny but what is wrong with getting laid and paid (Big)? Nothing and many pussy whipped men would trade places.

After some arguments about religion in which Foster admitted that she is a fake Christian that doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground about the Christian faith, Donny launched into his porn resume (1000 scenes, successful behind and in front of the camera, sold his studio, etc).

And then Foster tried to drop names and brought up homosexual sissy Nick East, a failed porn bukkake pencil dicked mope who Donny once employed, thinking that anything that East says has credibility.

Donny then got some words in uninterrupted finally and let loose on her and her unkempt, unshaven pussy and failed hooking career and the fact that she is a disgusting ghetto pig.

DOWN GOES MAYERS AGAIN as Donny brings up the infamous Lenny Dykstra rubber check and her lack of any street smarts at all.

When Foster calls herself a former Porn STAR Donny sets her straight – She was a porn PERFORMER but NEVER a star and never successful.

Now Donny has her on the ropes again as he goes off on her unkempt gross bush once again while he and Heather laugh uncontrollably.

Monica then claimed the average lifespan of a pornographer is between 40-60 and that her enemies would all die off soon. Donny then reminded her that she is a failed pornographer too and she would die soon and then he broke out in uncontrollable laughter.

Donny continued the assault by asking when she would finally shut the fuck up, get a lfe and move on from XXX being that she is a bitter, jealous failure who’s shtick is old and tired. She then requested that Donny hire a hit man to kill her (As she doesn’t have the balls to do it herself but wants to die as she hates herself.) Donny declined as she is a piece of shit that is not worth spending one second in jail for much less life.

Donny then brought up:

You want to attack people’s families you get it back!

Then her XXX webcamming failures were brought up and then she lied and claimed she quit webcamming (Streamate profile says otherwise).

Then when Monica again talked up homosexual Ryan Driller, Donny gave her a dose of reality: REAL WOMEN DONT GO FOR HOMOSEXUALS! HELLO! FAG HAG!

AND THEN! The epic culmination of the call and the mentioning of Matthew Paul Holder and how he dropped Monica like a bad habit! Of course she denied being destroyed over it while Donny laughed uncontrollably. But she has gone on about Holder for some 8 years and Holder has even married and had children in this time while Foster HAS GONE NOWHERE! HE DOESN’T LOVE YOU. MOVE. THE. FUCK. ON!

Donny then gave it  to Her straight: EVERYONE. HATES. YOU, MONICA.

Monica, pissed about Holder and forced to accept what Donny was saying was true, then lost her shit and made physical threats and ended the call after 47 minutes of fun. Stay tuned for the ACTUAL calls brought to you in 5 parts right here on FYI!



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