BREAKING: Monica Foster Alexandra Mayers AGAIN defaming a man’s wife

OK folks, this is getting ridiculous. Hooker Monica Foster is now taking aim at Matthew Holder‘s wife and calling her a hooker just as she did to the wife of the Las Vegas attorney which got her sued and put her in debt that has changed her life. But she still has not learned her lesson and continues attacking men’s wives while she sits alone and fat in her mommy’s house trying to convince herself that her bloated body is attractive and that she is happy.

Look, Monica Foster’s the hooker, not the attorney’s wife (Proven in court) and not Holder’s wife (She has no proof) and not Donny Long either. There is no such thing as a male prostitute unless you’re talking about Markus Destin, The First Legal Male Gigolo who worked at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada for a time. Guys like Donny who have sex for money aren’t whores they’re just lucky! Foster/Mayers is a filthy whore who feels dirty and used and she let’s everyone know about it each day.

Those women she mentioned are married and had kids. Foster leads an unfulfilling, childless, hate-filled life so whatever she thinks of those ladies, their lives are better than hers. This is getting ridiculous and we will continue trying to reach out to our buddy Matty to see if he may want to get involved in the still ongoing suit against her as she has defamed his wife. See if they can’t get her a million bucks in debt by the time this is all over. Speaking of which, why is she allowed to troll Twitter all day being so far in debt? Get her fat ass on a chain gang and get her working.


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