BREAKING: bought by Barry Nelson for one dollar!

Claims that, a Monica Foster hate site were sold may not be bullshit after all. When you think about it, she can’t get something taken away from her if she doesn’t own it. We believe that in order to save face, she may have sold it to failed musician Barry Nelson for $1 just to get it out of her possession before it can be yanked away from her on March 9 when she goes to court. This puts it out of reach for Donny Long, Sean Tompkins or any of her many enemies. We expect her to dump off most of her online presence before then. Expect a huge “fire sale” in the coming weeks. We would expect her to somehow try to seize back control of these when the heat goes down but again, she is mistaken if she thinks these judges and attorneys haven’t been down this road before. Look, they didn’t spend years in school for nothing. These guys are good and they know their shit. Don’t try any funny business. Go out quietly and save yourself from any further degradation.



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  1. Barry is too stupid to realize that the lawsuit against Foster also addresses the defendant of John Doe/Hane Doe. If Barry did purchase this website, his name can very well be added to the lawsuit! The judge can still order the website be removed, even if Foster doesn’t own it anymore. Randazza can just easily get the website removed by going to the website hosting company and show them the court order and they’ll HAVE to comply.

    It makes me laugh at how intellectually challenged Foster is! She doesn’t know anything about the law or anything else and all she keeps doing is fucking herself over. Barry can’t prevent this website from being taken down. It’s hilarious how these two idiots think that by doing this, her website will be safe! Wait until 03/09/17 when Judge Bare orders it down and these two won’t succeed in saving it!

    Two dumbassess!!!

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