Bree Olson is Playing a Role?

Last week, Mike South wrote something to the effect that Bree Olson was the biggest pig in porn:

Comments attributed to Ava Rose are posted on It’s easy for you to talk down on someone like Bree because you have no idea who real Bree is all you know is this alter ego she becomes for her fans and to all that know her on a porn basis of any sort. If you have learned anything in all your years being around porno you would know better then to made such a naive “civilian” statement. You sound very much Shelly Lubban except I don’t believe for one second your comment was made from a “naive opinion” but more of a childish way to put down the most successful contract girl A&E has right now to make Kayden look better. I never had a reason to not respect you until this cheapshot at bree was made, how childish of you!

Mia Rose adds:… Jesus Christ. the point is, Non of that shit really happened. Bree is simply playing a fucking role. One myself, and I’m sure many other whores wish they could play better. The ” act like the nasty whore people have fantasies about” when the cameras are on, or your fans are watching.

It makes me fucking ill when I hear PW say ” Oh, I’m in a more upscale porn, we act and have a big budget” thats great. at the end of the day, you are still getting fucked and getting paid.

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