Brett Rockman: APHSS’s Trep Sure Test is a Joke; He Asks Diane Duke If She’s Been Bought Out

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Back in the days of talent meetings when HIV, not syphilis was the issue, Brett Rockman always struck me as the voice of reason. Rockman has a medical background, what exactly that is, I’m not sure, but I know he wasn’t running Cedars Sinai.

Rockman, who’s got the biggest dick I ever saw on a white man, is no longer performing. He works in web development, video editing and graphic design. But he certainly keeps on top of industry issues. We talked Wednesday afternoon.

Rockman’s of the opinion that Diane Duke and APHSS have been “passing along hoaxes” with the syphilis outbreak. He also feels that Mr. Marcus has been “crucified”. Rockman and I might differ on the issue of nail length since Marcus has admitted culpability.

Rockman also thinks that Duke et. al are making viruses seem like bacteria.

“They’re trying to make it seem that viral testing is the same as bacterial testing. And there’s all this criss-crossing and confusion. In the end Manwin and APHSS, they’re going to cash in on a bunch of BS.

“It’s problem-reaction-solution,” states Rockman.

“They created a false problem. First of all the treatment of syphilis is solid and established in the textbooks. The adult industry doesn’t get to re-write the books on how syphilis is treated.

“They created a hoax out of that and demonized Mr. Marcus. This is a bacterial infection. There is a treatment for syphilis. It may not work for everyone as well, but this is the adult industry. Welcome to the real world. Mr. Marcus took a bad, bad rap. Syphilis is very rare and that’s the reason why AIM didn’t test for syphilis. There were reasons for that and the same reasons apply today.”

“Then APHSS and Diane Duke created a solution to their fictitious problem and are going to cash in. This whole thing is a joke. Maybe Marcus made a mistake in judgment but he took treatment.

“That test APHSS is suggesting [Trep Sure] is a joke,” Rockman continues.

“The sensitivity on that test is a joke. It’s going to be a waste of money. It’s not designed to detect true positives. They even tell you that. And here comes these dumbed-down agents going along with it. This whole industry is out of control and they’re trying to control people. People need to wake up.

“Whoever goes along with this test, people are going to realize it’s a joke,” Rockman goes on to say.

“People are going to come up positive and they’re going to be false positives and their reputations are going to be trashed.”

Rockman says talent who are going on Twitter not knowing what they’re talking about are behaving “like idiots”.

“They’re feeding idiocy on top of idiocy. It’s rampant.”

Rockman just emailed Diane Duke inquiring if she had been bought out. Rockman feels that while Duke once exhibited honesty and integrity, that no longer flies.

“Now I’m calling her out and I guess she’s avoiding me. She’s been going along with this whole circus. They all seem to have lost their minds.”


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