Brew a Pot: Thoughts Over the Morning’s First Coffee: Diane and Free Speech Can’t Get Their Stories Straight

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I knew if you gave her enough rope Diane Duke would hang herself and now she finally has. [Rob Black had a lot more to say about this on his Monday night show]. Monday afternoon Duke released a statement disputing the notion that there was a fourth HIV performer. Duke also has this to say:

“As far as the partner identification for the third performer is concerned, all first generation partners have been identified and have retested. Results for all of the performers but one are back and all results are negative. The final result will be back tomorrow.”

“Finally, to address some additional rumors, the doctors have confirmed that the third performer did not work with Ms. Bay or Mr. Daily.”

Very interesting. Now read this comment from Dr. Sean Darcy of Free Speech:

“Because of these precautionary steps, the performer who has now tested positive for HIV, had not performed since BEFORE the first moratorium and was prevented from performing due to the required retest.”

“Therefore, no performers were exposed to a new risk of on-set transmission as a result of this latest case, or Ms. Bay’s infection.”

Dr. Sean Darcy is saying patient #3 hadn’t worked and therefore did not expose anyone while Duke clearly states that all 1st generation performers had been tested which means that performer #3 clearly worked with people. Looks like we got Dukegate where no one gets their facts straight.

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