Brian Street Team: The Man Who Almost Became The Taxi Driver Except He Didn’t

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When Rob Black brought up Brian Street Team’s name on the air Thursday we kind of got our curiosity perked. Black had this to say: “I interviewed Brian Street Team [for Taxi Driver]. And that’s why he don’t like me no more. He shoots on me. He actually shot on me because I didn’t use him and said he was a shitty actor. Oh, sorry, you’re a shitty actor. My bad. He has a Janine tattoo on his chest and I’m a fucking jerkoff?

from, March, 2009 – Oh boys with tattoos, we all know I have a weakness for them. The more the better and the more I want to jump them and let them have their way with me. This week’s porn stud makes me wet just looking at him. Brian Street Team is so incredibly sexy and down to earth. He seems like the kind of guy that would be hilarious and so much fun to hang out with and then take you home and bang the hell out of you.

Lucky me I got to talk to him the other day and get the dirt on him. He sounded dreamy and was incredibly sweet. If I were ever to do porn I would want him to be one of my on screen rendezvous. He is still new so you can’t find him in many movies yet but I have no doubt we will be seeing a lot more of his penis in the long run. (which looks like quite a nice one at that) If you want to send him fan mail you can find him on Twitter and Myspace.

Lucy Vonne: I’d like to thank you for talking to me today.

Brian Street Team: No problem it’s my pleasure.

Lucy Vonne: So I heard your first scene you were drunk and it wasn’t actually a planned scene.

Brian Street Team: Ummmmm kind of, it was kind of planned. Who’d you hear that from?

Lucy Vonne: I read it on Joanna Angel’s blog about you.

Brian Street Team: Yeah it was kind of like me and Cali were fooling around earlier in the night. And then James, when we got back to their house was like nobody fucks in my house with out being on film. I was like all right lets do it. There had already been talks about me doing scenes and stuff like that. So then I said yeah lets do this. That was Brian’s first time if you will.

Lucy Vonne: How’d you get involved with all the Burning Angel crew? Were you friends with them before hand?

Brian Street Team: It basically started out I was looking for porn on the Internet, you know like anybody else would do. I’m pretty tattooed and I’m into tattooed girls so I just googled tattooed porn girls and it showed Burning Angel.

I thought oh this is cool and I joined the street team cause I was just cruising around the site. The street team thing said that with the street team you can hand out stickers, promote the site and then you might get to meet some of the girls. I was like oh sign me up. So I did that and then I did a tattoo convention with Joanna and the second day of the convention she asked me if I would do porn. I was like ok why not. So I just kind of fell into it, it wasn’t my life long dream to be a porno guy it just happened.

Lucy Vonne: Have you done a lot of movies since then?

Brian Street Team: Yeah I’ve done a few. There’s not a lot that are out yet because they space out the girls and stuff on the site with which videos they do. I’ve done a few, quite a few now. Mostly just for, well its all been for Burning Angel.

Lucy Vonne: Have you done any actual features or movies or has it been just stuff for the website?

Brian Street Team: I did one feature but it was just a blowjob scene. I was in XOXO Joanna and she blew me and like 4 other dudes and a girl at the same time. I was in that and then I think one of them, I did one for another feature but it hasn’t been released yet and I don’t know which one its for.

Lucy Vonne: So Brian Street Team, that’s just real name Brian and you added the Street Team to it?

Brian Street Team: Yeah cause how that came about was James Deen’s real name is Brian and Joanna, we were doing something for a convention or something like that. And I’m driving Joanna around and people were asking on the phone “Who are you with” and she said “Oh I’m with Brian” and they’re like “Oh Brian’s with you” and she said “No no no Brian Street Team Brian” and it just kind of stuck after that. The next morning we were doing the paper work and stuff I was like ah what’s my name going to be and James Deen was like “It’s Brian Street Team that is your name go with it” I was like alright.

Lucy Vonne: Cause I saw Johnny Rad a couple of places.

Brian Street Team: Yeah Johnny Rad was going to be my original name. Cause I say rad kind of often, I say rad a lot and it’s tattooed on my forearm. It’s from an old skate video. So that was going to be it at first but then we figured Brian Street Team was kind of better.

Lucy Vonne: Who are the girls you really like to work with?

Brian Street Team: That I really like to work with, um I would say Mistidawn was really awesome to work with. Draven was really rad. Pretty much I love every single girl that I’ve ever worked with they’re all awesome basically. There are a couple other girls I practiced with or rehearsed with that were really awesome as well.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anyone that you really want to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Brian Street Team: Gosh there’s so many. I would say actually April Flores for some reason I really really want to work with her. Cause I kind of have a thing for big girls sometimes and she’s really sexy to me and I really want to work with her sometime. Um April Flores and probably Regan Reese too she really hot, I’m really into her too.

Lucy Vonne: Do you have any special moves you like to whip out during your scenes?

Brian Street Team: Yeah there’s one. We kind of, me and Joanna were hanging out one time talking about funny stuff to do in movies and I did the street team sticker slap. Which is were I grab a sticker and I slap a girls ass and I street team her basically. I like to say you just got street teamed and I slap a sticker on her ass while doing her. That’s probably like my signature move I guess.

Lucy Vonne: That’s a pretty good move.

Brian Street Team: Yeah very specific and living the dream too that’s like my other little catch phrase.
Lucy Vonne: What do girls say when you tell them you’re into porn, do they get turned off or more intrigued?

Brian Street Team: It’s really mixed. I would say its like 70/30, like 70% of the girls are stoked on it they’re into it as well. Then the other 30% at first are like that’s lame and I can’t believe you do that. Then they come around and they’re like that’s actually pretty hot and he must know what he’s doing.

Lucy Vonne: Does your family know about this?

Brian Street Team: Yes they do. My dad found out when a friend of mine mentioned it to him. And then my mom found out by my little brother was wearing a Burning Angel shirt at my mom’s house. She asked “Oh what’s that shirt mean” and my brothers like “Oh that’s the website Brian works for.” Then she kind of paused for a second and she’s like “Does he do porn?” And that’s how she found out, but they’re ok with it kind of like ah whatever.

Lucy Vonne: So you haven’t been doing this that long then, how long have you been doing this?

Brian Street Team: About a year I’m pretty much a newbie.

Lucy Vonne: Is this something you think you will be doing for awhile and really like and make a career out of it or just something fun?

Brian Street Team: Right now I do it basically as a hobby. The eventual plan is to do more of the business side of it with sales, production and distribution and stuff like that. So right now I do it for fun because I mean I get paid to bang hot chicks, why would somebody not do that.

Lucy Vonne: When you’re not doing porn what are you doing?

Brian Street Team: I do a slew of music festivals in the Los Angels Southern California area. I manage some bands and stuff like that so I do a lot of music stuff. I work at a porn store as well doing all the buying and sales for them, I’m a busy boy.

Lucy Vonne: Do you get to test out a lot of the toys there?

Brian Street Team: I try to as much as possible.

Lucy Vonne: Is there anything you want to say to your female fans out there?

Brian Street Team: Hi I’m Brian Street Team and I wanna have sex with you!

Lucy Vonne: That’s perfect.

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