Brian Surewood Released from Jail

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I don’t know all the details and conditions, but there’s a new generation of porn performer who wouldn’t know who Brian Surewood is.

Surewood has been living in a high security area of the Los Angeles County men’s jail since October 2007 stemming from a “road rage” automobile accident that killed a child in Reseda.

The case was resolved with Surewood having been charged with one count of murder; one count of vehicular manslaughter, three counts of reckless driving with the enhancement of great bodily harm and three counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

The incident occurred on Sherman Way, in the afternoon when co-defendant Ayon’s new Nissan Maxima hit a parked silver Daewoo sedan forcing that car into the rear of a Honda Civic driven by Syeda Arif.

Surewood had been driving a red Camaro. Eyewitnesses produced described how Surewood and Ayon were allegedly fighting with one another, as their respective cars cut in and out of traffic on three lanes.

According to one witness, the cars had been going about 50 mph. At one point, Surewood’s car wound up in front of Ayon’s, according to testimony. Surewood apparently stopped abruptly in the curb lane and Ayon’s car swerved into parked cars in a possible attempt to avoid a rear collision with Surewood.

The accident happened near Amestoy with Ayon careening across the westbound lanes and winding up on the center median. In the process, Arif, who was holding her baby daughter, was thrown onto a lawn along with her 5-year-old son. The son was killed while Arif and her 10 month old daughter sustained injuries. The daughter remained in intensive care with head injuries, while Arif was rendered unconscious at the scene. Arif’s resultant injuries include the loss of her left leg, a broken right kneecap, fractured pelvis and damage to some internal organs.

Surewood subsequently pled no-contest to vehicular manslaughter and to the enhancement of leaving the scene. The agreed upon sentence was eleven years, but Surewood served 50% of that. With time served the real sentence came down to three to four years. Surewood, it should be noted, entered the plea without admitting any wrong doing.

“He entered the plea pursuant to a case called People V. West which allows a defendant to enter a plea because the defendant believes it’s in his best interests,” his attorney Ron Miller explained at the time.

“Of course he remains extremely saddened by the injuries and the death,” Miller pointed out. “And the victims remain in his prayers.”

All told, Surewood served approximately 5 ½ years.

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