Bridgette Kerkove’s Lasty Sixty Days?

Porn Valley- I’ve been hearing a lot of things the past couple of days. I hear No Boundaries is coming out with a movie- one with a scene that’s exactly the same as one in a movie Metro’s releasing. The No Boundaries movie was shot by Metro director Bridgette Kerkove. And you might make an educated guess as to how that Metro scene winds up in a No Boundaries movie.

But this is just the beginning as Metro director Kerkove will have more questions to answer. There will probably be an investigation at Metro regarding Kerkove movies that were shot between January to March of 2005.

In certain instances, Metro scenes were used in No Boundaries movies. If there’s an investigation at Metro, it won’t be the first time. It won’t be the last. Within sixty days, the DVD’s of those No Boundaries movies will be given to Noel Bloom. The performers in those scenes will be contacted to corroborate the fact that they were never paid to shoot those scenes for No Boundaries thus proving there was some paper work magic afoot.

The best case scenario is that Metro director Kerkove will have another two months of breathing room before Metro sees the No Boundaries DVD and makes an exact match comparison to one of its own scenes.

Except it will also be shown that Metro director Kerkove, by shooting for No Boundaries, pocketed an additional two grand for scenes which were never shot for them. That’s because those scenes were shot for and paid for by Metro.

The way it would work is that Metro director Kerkove would shoot four scenes on the No Boundaries dates. And this was facilitated by the fact that Corey Jordan wouldn’t be there the entire time to watch dog the set. In fact, the last time that Metro director Kerkove shot for No Boundaries, Jordan wasn’t there at all. But Metro director Kerkove was instructed to say that he was, should Jordan’s partner Dave inquire.

Prior to that last movie, actually, Metro director Kerkove was notified by Jordan 14 hours before call time that the shoot was cancelled. Metro director Kerkove then contacted her estranged husband Skeeter and asked for help. Skeeter then contacted Cory Jordan and Jill Kelly, Jordan’s ex wife. Within two hours Metro director Kerkove received a call that the shoot was back on. Supposedly Skeeter told Jordan he was going to blow the story wide on

Skeeter was thanked for saving the day. And because she was low on funds to pay her income taxes, Metro director Kerkove again went to Skeeter who agreed to pay the taxes for her.

On the day of the No Boundaries shoot which Skeeter was able to have reinstated, Metro director Kerkove again shot four scenes. She then took a Metro scene which was shot the week before, had it copied and a disc made of that scene and handed it over to No Boundaries. For that she was able to pocket an additional two grand. Metro director Kerkove’s comment was that she hoped Jordan wouldn’t show up to the set. Jordan didn’t show up.

The fact that Gustavo Chavarria knew precisely what Bridgette was up to, is made more clear by the fact that he’s been trained to scan the Internet to see what Metro images are being shared by other companies. When those instance occurred in the past, there had been firings.

Then on March 31, 2005, Metro director Kerkove shot a big busted feature for Metro’s More Than a Handful series and, again, only got four scenes done. Metro director Kerkove had boasted at Metro that she could shoot a feature better than Michael Adams. However she failed in the attempt.

The fourth scene was a disaster, and Metro director Kerkove’s behavior was becoming increasingly erratic as well.So much so, that the home owner became appalled by her behavior during the extent of that shoot. He had taken verbal abuse all through the day, and the crew members were rolling their eyes over some of the things being said. Tired of the nonsense, the home owner, who has rented out his house on maybe 700 other occasions, kicked Metro director Kerkove off the property.

All along, Metro director Kerkove had been complaining that it was a fucked up location to begin with and went so far to say that Skeeter had paid Dennis Morgan $1,000 to get her a location to make her look bad. She had made those comments to a number of crew members including R. Dog and camera man Jake Jacobs. Metro director Kerkove had told Morgan that she wanted a location that would be her as close to her house as possible. She was living in Porter Ranch.

Many in the business would recognize this porn location as the one with the volley ball court in the backyard with the sandpit. Morgan has said that Metro director Kerkove would not look at the location even when the opportunity was offered to do so.

Adding to the absurdity of this plot, was the fact that during the shoot, Skeeter was called and told that Metro director Kerkove’s crew members were being attacked by the home owner. Metro director Kerkove would also comment to lighting guy R. Dog that she should have a body guard from now on, on her sets.

The fourth scene had to be re-shot another day, but there was still one scene short. In her paperwork, Metro director Kerkove stated she had paid Nicki Hunter, Johnny Thrust and Reno for a fifth scene. Except that scene was never shot. That’s because it was taken from another director’s movie- a movie that had been shot during the HIV crisis. So obvious was the lifting of this director’s signature scene, which bore no resemblance to the ones Metro director Kerkove shot March 31, the intro featuring that director had to be edited out.

In any event, Metro was charged for this scene. Except Hunter, Thrust and Reno were never paid except on paper. And that’s because they shot that scene a year earlier for another director.

And this is where Chavarria would have had to know that a scene was taken from another director’s movie because he had to deal with the boxcover art and would have taken note that those More Than a Handful stills matched another movie shot a year earlier.

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