Bringing sexy to condoms can be done; Jenna Jameson: Performers Deserve an Environment that is Risk-Free

Dr. Laura Berman writes on – Do you think condoms can ever be sexy?

For most people, the thought of safer sex seems incongruous with passionate and erotic lovemaking. No wonder so few pornographic films feature condoms. After all, people turn to porn to tap into their fantasies and escape the real world, and putting on a condom almost seems to take away from the fun and the eroticism of sex. Sadly, as a society we have been conditioned to view condoms as a detraction from pleasure rather than part of the fun.

However, the need for condom use has been greatly highlighted in the recent news that three popular adult film stars tested positive for HIV.

Popular adult film star turned director-and-producer Jenna Jameson spoke up about her concerns for safer sex on a recent Larry King segment. Adult film workers deserve an environment that is as safe and risk-free as possible, and increasing HIV testing and requiring condom use can go a long way in helping to keep these men and women as safe as possible from STDs.

Yet it is not enough just to increase the amount of regulations around the adult film industry. We also need to address why safer sex itself isn’t sexy. Why can’t we rewrite the script when it comes to healthy sex? Today’s condoms are nothing like their clunky predecessors. They offer protection while still allowing all the sensations of sex; some even have pleasure-enhancing ingredients or vibrating capabilities.

If safer practices can become viewed as a sexy and exciting part of sex, then maybe the number of STDs can decrease across the board, in both the adult film industry and real life.


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