Britni’s Back! Well Sort Of.

(DENVER, CO) — It seems there will be one small change in plans. Since I announced my retirement, I have received hundreds of letters asking to keep and maintain my website at Initially, I was simply going to take the site down, even though the thought pained me deeply. I have 3 years of work into that site and it has won every single contest it has entered. It is up to 70 gigs of all original content and is the largest adult site, actually run and maintained by the girl it represents, in the adult entertainment industry.

I had intended to take it down because I did not figure I would be able to maintain the site in the timely manner I had in the past. I figure the people who join my site are owed at least two updates a week and towards the end of my movie career, I was simply too busy to update the site that often. Now, I sort of miss shooting stuff for my site and will happily return to providing two updates a week.

This is the catch though: I am not looking to add simple, random BS
updates. I would rather reward members of my site with the
opportunity to participate in these updates themselves. This offer
is open to girls, couples and single guys.

So, the bottom is line is this: I am going to keep up and running. I will continue to update it twice a week which will start in the next few days. I will need as many members as possible to work with ASAP. SO, if you have worked with me before or want to try your hand in the XXX business, email me right away and let’s get something planned.

Please do keep in mind, this offer is only for paying members of and no one else. Being a member of any
of my Yahoo clubs does not cover this requirement.

I look forward to meeting with you all and planning some great new
shoots. Let’s have some fun and together and get to work adding to
an already awesome web site.

Sexually yours,

BisexualBritni, 2002 adult starlet of the year


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