Broadcasting Thursday: Alia Janine + Two Franks and a Mike = Great Radio

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VENICE, CA – Live from New York, it’s Alia Janine! This Thursday Alia will be making her debut appearance on the Two Franks & a Mike radio show, joining the three New York natives in a mad fight she’ll be fighting for airtime.

In the studio she’ll meet up with Mike Babchik, “The Jester of All Media”; Frankieyez, “The King of Arthur”; and Frankie D “from da Bronx.”

They promise to “educate, enlighten and entertain”—but they haven’t met the likes of Alia. She is a woman knows her E’s and she’s not afraid to share them. For fans who want to get in on the show they can call in, Tweet in or just listen.

Two Franks & A Mike is a radio show can be heard exclusively on every Thursday at 6 pm EST. Alia should be on in the 7 o’clock hour, but don’t take a chance, tune in early.

For more on Two Franks and a Mike go to, and Twitter @2franks1mike.

Also, be sure to vote for Alia in the Hunt for the Orgasm Girl. Go to for more.

Read her YNOT interview:

Alia “book me!” page:

Look for more at and For more on Alia Janine visit Follow her Twitter @alia_janine.

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