Broadway Joel Interviews Ginger Lee for PUMPSmag

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Broadway Joel posts on – As the summer winds down and we approach the fall season. With that comes football, MLB playoffs, NBA basketball and of course more PUMPSmag Feature Beauties!

The weather may be becoming cooler outside but trust me….your laptop will heat up……as you check out this exclusive one on one interview. In the past we have sat down with a wide arrange of girls, from strippers to adult stars.

This time around we have a special treat for you in the bag. This feature beauty hails from Nashville, Tennessee…home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, NFL franchise Tennessee Titans, and the best Whisky your lips will ever taste!

I’ll let you be the judge of that. Centerfold Strips model Ginger Lee shared with us her lovely 32C’s and her intriguing view on exotic dancing, stripping, lap dancing, Tim Tebow, battling Lupus and many more!! So please come join us as we take a shot of the smooth Ginger Lee. Enjoy the read and be sure to leave your thoughts below.

(PUMPSmag): How long have you been in this industry and how did you get into it?

(Ginger Lee): A girl never tells those kinds of secrets! I started dancing as a way to make good money in a military town that didn’t have much else going on.

Q: What were you doing before you become an Adult entertainer?

I was working for the health department.

Q: How did you come up with your name?

I didn’t name myself. The owner of the club I was at said I looked like a ‘Ginger’….and I’ve been Ginger ever since!

Q: Do you feature dance and if so how long have you been dancing?

Oh yes, I feature dance. It’s my one true love, seriously. I’ve been featuring for 6 years now…

Q: What makes a lap dance from you sooo worth the while?

I think it’s more about the ‘experience’. Everybody likes different things, having a dancer that can become a totally different person depending on the customer she’s dealing with…that’s talent.

Q: You must have been to some of NYC’s and LA’s strip clubs, what is your favorite one?

Oddly, I don’t ‘do’ strip clubs when I’m not working, & I’ve never featured in either NYC or LA.

Q: How do you keep your sexy body together? (small waist, great ass, wonderful breast)

Short answer-yoga. Yoga is magical, especially for dancers.

Q: There are many Adult Entertainer conventions approaching, will you be attending any….so your fans can come see you?

I don’t really go to the conventions, but I’m always happy to meet fans when I’m feature dancing!

Q: Who is your favorite athlete and why?

Anybody but Tim Tebow. Literally anybody.

Q: If you are interested in someone do you like being approached are do you sometimes do the approaching?

I’m too shy to approach people!

Q: What’s one thing men need to know about you if they are about to approach you?

I am not the girl that cares if you have a huge house, a Ferrari, & a small island in the Caribbean. I care about how you treat people, & how you treat me.

Q: Any Hobbies and Interest beside work?

Oh goodness, I could write a small book on this question! Well, I do volunteer & advocate work, lupus awareness work, as well as writing, crafting, DIY’ing, reading, & being pretty awesome in general. It’s a full time job.

Q: Name one thing your fans do not know about you?

My fans know pretty much everything about me due to my blog/website. The ‘open book’ theory applies in the most ‘real’/’raw’ way possible.

Q: Do you have any fetishes?

Does my love of cupcakes, pillow forts, things that sparkle, & pretty shoes work? If so, those are my fetishes. If not, I don’t have any.

Q: What do you do on a typical Weekend for you?

This is something that is totally determined by how my lupus is acting. Sometimes I go ‘junking’ and ‘thrifting’ all weekend, or travel to places for photo shoots. Other weekends I can’t muster getting out of my pillow fort, so I stay indoors.

Q: What makes you different or better then other women in this industry?

I think the ‘better than’ thing is like…internalized misogyny in a way, so I don’t think I’m better than anybody. That’s just silly. Maybe I’m different because I really am an open book, even if it involves crushing a few fan fantasies sometimes. I’m just Ginger, I work with what I’ve got.

Q: What do you have planned for the future?

I am slowly taking over the world, via the internet. Nobody will notice until there are cupcakes everywhere and people being so snarky that it starts riots. No really, that’s the future, y’all.

Q: Where can your fans find you and how can they reach you?

The interwebz! Centerfold Strips 1-877-427-8747

Battling Lupus is not an easy ordeal for anyone, especially with a women of Ginger Lee’s caliber. The Centerfold’s beauty laid all her cards on the table and spoke very candidly about her battles with Lupus while keeping a busy routine that many girls dream to accomplish but probably will never reach. Being “fucking awesome” as Ginger would says is just a unique way of embracing life and enjoying her work at the same time.

Trust me when I say she is no where close to being done. Please keep your eyes open for Ginger and check her out at Centerfold Strips and her Twitter. While she’s leaving her mark in the adult entertainment industry she may pass you by and perhaps lap you in this game of life. Stay classy my friends, until the next time that is.

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