Brooklyn Lee: Derek Hay Deserves to Be Deported; This is Beyond Rob Black’s Scope

Brooklyn Lee writes a long winded essay which appears on the Slim Pickens website. Here’s some of the highlights:

…”On Clover’s part, I do commend him on his rapid action and transparency (whether or not he is/was positive…which no one seems to definitively and irrefutably know).

…”If the rumors surrounding [Alex] Gonz are true, he’s an asshole and deserves the same exile Mr. Marcus received. Furthermore, if his agent was indeed aware of his “non-clear” status, said agent deserves to be tarred, feathered and deported. But that’s just my opinion, and entirely based on conjecture…at this point.

…”In my opinion, the FSC is just the porno version of those mall cops that ride around on Segways, wearing bicycle helmets. They look fancy, but they’re not doing shit.

…”And please don’t tell me Rob Black is the savior coming in on his motherfucking white stallion. All personal issues aside, this is way beyond his scope.

… Before anyone goes on a comment tirade speculating about any escorting work I may or may have not done, blah blah, contradiction, blah. I’ll say this…I’ve done some in extremely limited quantities, I’ve always used extreme caution regarding protection, and I know a long list of male and female talent that wouldn’t admit to it in ten million years, but do massive amounts of side work. So everyone can fuck the fuck off

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