Brooklyn Lee: My Issues with Rob Black

Unlike the other lies Mike South likes to tell, this email was not sent to me; but since South decided to post it, here it is:

First of all, dipshits, my retirement had absolutely nothing to do with this supposed “evisceration.” Your words had little (if any) effect…probably mostly because I couldn’t quite follow the maniacal ramblings of a meth-addict.

My issues with Rob began months before he contracted verbal diarrhea and began going batshit on his little radio show.

None of this started with me “attacking” Lizzie. Get your time-line straight, you senile old fuck. Read through your own postings if you’re truly that delirious.

Rob is a piece of shit. Plain and simple. Lesser than the dog shit currently stuck to my flip-flop.
You Gene, are that last little corn kernel refusing to digest, encrusted in said poo.

Rob LOVES to excuse his own deplorable actions by pointing the finger at everyone else.

“Hey, I may be a thief and a liar—but wait! Check out those people over there doing worse things! Hey I’m a whistleblower! I’m thusly absolved of any wrong-doing! Sweet!”

Nice try fuckers.

I’ll now be going back to not giving a shit.

Pardon me for extrapolating upon basic medical safety issues, which are so clearly misunderstood by performers in an increasingly dangerous industry.

If Rob’s intention is to approach Mike Moz for some sort of an “apology,” Rob might wanna consider a mouth guard to protect his remaining teeth.

I, however, do owe Lizzie an apology. Here goes…

Dear Lizzy Borden,

I am apologizing to you on behalf of myself and the entire universe, for ever having met a scumbag like Rob.

I’m deeply, sincerely sorry, because without this little cretin clinging desperately to your side, life could have gone a lot better for you.

I truly wish you the best. Hopefully you finally decide to scrape off the tick, and move on with your life.

You’ve never been anything but nice to me (at least to my face, anyway). I’m sorry your husband is a rapidly unraveling lunatic.

Seriously, you’re way too hot for him.


Brooklyn Lee

Btw…I’ll be CC’ing this to Mike South as well, just in case you decide to play more games of word twisting 😉 .

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