Brooklyn Lee Tweeting Up a Storm After Rob Black Revelations

Rob Black on his show today blasted Brooklyn Lee claiming she only got where she got in the business because of her relationship with Mike Moz. Black also called Lee a hockey helmet wearing retard.

Brooklyn Lee tweets: Brooklyn Lee ‏@brooklynleexxx I also have the wonderful people at @AdultVideoNews & @PaulThomasX & everyone at Vivid to thank. Rob Black, you fit nowhere on that list.

@ScorchingImages if it were as simple as sucking someone’s d & being “handed a career” lizzy would be much more than the riff raff she is.

@ScorchingImages I have @mikemoz, John Stagliano, Mark Spiegler, @axelbraun& many others…but let’s not pretend I didn’t bust my ass.

@ScorchingImages The truth of the matter is, I have many people to thank for helping me along the way and giving me opportunities.

@brooklynleexxx oh, I’m sorry. Birds of Prey won Best Packaging. Thank you Rob Black for “making my career.”

@ScorchingImages he’s burnt so many bridges no one will work with him, I meant.

@Adultfyi1 hahaha if you’d like to hear my rendition, feel free to give me a call.

@ScorchingImages Motherfucker DID manage to flunk out of porn. He’s burnt so many bridges will with the p.o.s. What should we call that??

@ScorchingImages me asking to be paid many weeks after it was due resulted in rob going on a tirade via text about hating spiegs.

@ScorchingImages I think my tax return will speak for itself…none of which involves illegally gotten gains. I’ll just keep loling.

@ScorchingImages I love @mikemoz and appreciate all of his help. But ive made over 40k so far this year, without the help of mike or rob.

@ScorchingImages now he has the audacity to claim that he “put me where I am.” Laughable at best.

@ScorchingImages his piece of shit sets, then sue me. Guy is a joke.

@ScorchingImages if by “drama” he is referring to me showing up on time and twnding to one pf his models that was SEVERELY injured by one of

@ScorchingImages number 1, no awards were won for birds of prey. 2, I caused absolutely no drama.

@ScorchingImages ahahhahahahahahahahabababajjsnan
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@therealgrouper got your presents. Thank you so much. I’ll send you email when I send out dvd ;).

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