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from – Less popular than before, AVS sites are still used as a stepping stone or a source of income in the adult entertainment industry. The basic idea is simple. You create your own website and add it to one of AVS networks. Any user that joins your site also gets access to hundreds of other sites on the AVS – for a low monthly fee. Thus, the surfer is getting the best bang for a dollar, and you – an additional income.

Introduction to Adult Verification Systems

AVS, or Adult Verification System, is a large network of adult paysites. It works like this: you build your own adult website and put a link code for a certain AVS on your join page. When someone buys the membership from your site, you get paid a commission – up to $60 per sale plus various bonuses.

Basically, an AVS site is like a small paysite. You need to build an attractive tour, write exciting content, and complete it with a join page and a member’s area. Generally, there are two types of AVS sites you can create:

• Shared content AVS. A shared content AVS means that you don’t have to spend your own money on content. Just decide what niche you want to promote and how your website will look like. Your sponsor will offer you a sub-domain and free content to start up. It is very similar to becoming an affiliate.

• Independent content AVS. An independent content AVS site means that you need to buy your own domain and your own content, so all the sites within the network will look different. As you know, the unique content is more interesting for surfers, so you can expect more subscribers.

The biggest attraction of AVS systems for adult webmasters is that they offer a hassle-free way to implement diverse payment processing mechanisms – credit cards, online checks, 1-900 number billing, SMS transactions, etc. Your only job is to maintain and promote your site, all other problems – ongoing annual fees for processing the sales, credit card fraud protection issues, charge backs and refunds – are not your responsibility.

AVS networks

Here are some of the most popular AVS networks that you can join:

• CyberAge has thousands of websites in their network. Do you want to become a part of this big and powerful team? Choose one of three programs they offer: Basic (up to $43 per basic sites signup), Preferred (up to $47 per preferred site signup), Platinum (65% and monthly rebills for the life of that member). Plus, you will get $0.05-$0.11 per click every time a visitor clicks on “Click here to apply for a CyberAge ID.”

• The rules of this AVS network are simple: you build a site, fill it with the type and variety of content you think will appeal to surfers, and then upload it to your server so that others may access it. Every time your website visitor joins UGAS through a banner ad or button, you get paid a referral fee – up to $54 per sale.

• There are many various ways to make money with KlikAdult: earn up to $40 per signup or 65% revshare recurring for the life of the member, 10% webmaster referral, signup bonuses, site creation bonuses and more. The network of AVS sites cover all the legal adult niches, so your surfers will definitely find what they are looking for.

• Adult-Empire offers webmasters up to 60% from all the sign ups and rebills. You can build your AVS site both with you own or shared content – just pay attention to King Composer program. It has a lot of useful tools for creation of nice promo you won’t be ashamed of.

• Maniac Pass allows you to make money in two ways – promote AVS network sites or build your own adult site. You will get up to $35 per sign up or 60% revshare, plus $150 for webmaster referral. If you build your own site, you can get $200 for it.

Done correctly, AVS websites can become a good way to get started in the adult entertainment and learn the basics of this business. You can run your own paysite and get a revenue stream without having to deal with payment processing, credit fraud and other financial issues.

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