Bully Monica Foster doesn’t like it when people hit back

Porn’s biggest bully, liar, libeler and slanderer, Monica Foster real name Alexandra Melody Mayers is a bully. Bullies hate it when people fight back. So when people fight back against her horrible accusations (She accuses people of heinous things like sex trafficking, child porn, racism and hate crimes with no proof) she either threatens to kill herself for the 3,789,992th time or she plays the victim card. Bullies just hate when people fight back.

Recently blogger Kelli Roberts was harassed by Mayers and when Roberts let Mayers know that she would be writing Judge Rob Bare, the judge in the upcoming Randazza vs Mayers case with proof that Mayers has been threatening and harassing her, Mayers played victim and demanded that she be left alone. It is as if Mayers expects to go pushing people around and not have people push back. And when they do, she doesn’t fight back, she just sits there and plays victim and pretends to be innocent. What a gutless coward.

The funniest thing about Mayers is that when she gets it in return, she threatens to call the police or court even though she is strongly anti-police, anti-military, anti-authority and anti-American – until she needs help from someone and then she goes running to them and expects their help.

A series of text messages that were posted in Mayers’ blog prove that it was Kelli Roberts getting bullied and threatened by Mayers not the other way around. Mayers completely refused to fight back as she knows she has no proof of any of her accusations and she also did not fight back as she wanted it to appear that she was the victim but she neglected to post her threatening messages to Roberts that kicked the whole thing off. Hey Mayers, we have known you for awhile now, no one pays any attention to you, you are the one that instigates everything. Mayers made the messages public but anyone that reads these will side with Roberts as she was just defending herself against Mayers who has long been a bully over Twitter, and on open posting sites like Christianmichaelwians.com where she roamed freely, trolling, harassing and spamming and even calling people “fag” when her own father is openly homosexual.

Kelli Roberts administered a savage beat down in the exchange of messages and did no bullying so it is unclear why Mayers would even post these publicly although her blog gets very few hits so it is of no matter. To close the exchange, the mentally ill and possibly drunk or drugged Mayers linked to her shitty new single and signed off. There were also hints of suicide. Then below the text messages she blogged that Roberts messages prove that she harassed and intimidated Mayers. Uh, no, they prove that you are the bully and when people call you on your shit you backpedal because you have no answer. Then you go completely off topic and start plugging your projects.

As for the Mayers family being posted here, I’m not saying it’s right but if she could, Mayers would dox the shit out of everyone who she feel has wronged her online and she would go after their families and dox them too. She has done it and she will do it again if given the opportunity. This is why it is so important to get this woman yanked off the net and if possible jailed. If Judge Bare has any balls he will force her to work off the $499,000 she is about to owe. She should be forced to work fast food jobs, cleaning jobs and manual labor jobs and her wages should be garnished until that amount is paid leaving her no time to cause any more damage over the net. Please contact Judge Bare and suggest this to him. We need as many letters as possible to go to him before the March court date.

ATTENTION: Judge Rob Bare

Regional Justice Center, Courtroom 3C

200 Lewis Ave.,

Las Vegas, NV 89155


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