Caller Tells Amber Lynn to Find Seka Movie Teenage Desires at XHamster; *See Lust at First Bite

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Wind’s blowing and people are breathing heavily. That was part of the problem of Amber Lynn’s show last week. This week her voice was cutting in and out, and she sounded like she was dialing in from Pakistan.

Randy a caller from Baltimore and a Seka fan said he found the Platinum Princess’ first scene in Teenage Desires from 1974. Of course, it’s on the free tube site,

Lynn said she wanted a copy of it for Seka. Actually XHamster- did I mention a free tube site – has a whole catalogue of Seka movies. So basically Randy was leading Wells Fargo to John Dillinger’s home to find the stash.

*While you’re at it you can see the Hall of Fame cast including Seka in Lust at First Bite aka Dracula sucks at

NY Joe, to the rescue, broke in and told Randy to ditch the fan which was causing the sound of hurricane winds. Joe also asked Lynn if she was calling in from a cellphone. She said she was. Duh.

This problem needs to be rectified pronto otherwise Lynn’s going to continue to sound like a show host who’s being chloroformed on air.


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