Cal/OSHA, AHF and Why Devils Film is Fucked

Rob Black on his show this afternoon explained how the Cal/OSHA complaint process works and why fighting AIDS Healthcare Foundation is ultimately a losing battle.

“Let me explain something to you, and I don’t think we’ve ever really had clarification on this.”

“Adultfyi has always been a story and press release feeder site. And stories would come up and Gene would write about them. The Rob Black Show came onto the scene and we transformed the site more into commentary and we went away from the news of press releases, like so and so will be appearing at the Sapphire Lounge and people come and click and you can have 10-15,000 visits a day but to me the unique visitors are important.”

“I mean, yeah great, the guys that clicks back six, seven times a day. But he’s already our supporter, he’s already our base. That, in political terms are people you already have. The people that click throughout the day and say , oh a new story, oh a new video, a new banner. Our base.”

“I’m looking for the uniques, I’m looking for the new people.”

“So what we’ve managed to do in the past six months is evolve Adultfyi into what it and Gene used to be and that was, which was a gossip/political commentary site that we started at Extreme Associates, where if something was going on in the business that is where we spoke.”

“And we had a voice, we didn’t hide from that voice, and we said hey, we are one of the leaders of the business. our voice is important, and we’re gonna speak. And that’s what we did.”

“When you talk about blog site this, news site that, this site was never about let’s talk about this press release, let’s talk about this interesting tidbit about this porn star. It’s never been about that.”

“This site is about commentary. This is about information that might already be out there, might be breaking. But the important aspect is that I give you the truth of what this information is.”

“Because any website can sit there and post a press release, throw up an article. But the real substance is if that website, that commentator, that TV show can break it down and actually tell you what it means. If they can tell you this is where you read between the lines, this is what it all is saying.”

“And that, my friends is the most valuable thing in the world. And those are the things that you miss on the show.”

“Some people have accused me of rambling. Some have said i can condense what I say in 2 hours into 30 minutes. Do you realize in a political campaign, the process of actually picking a candidate takes over two years? People expect that we can change everything that we’ve been talking about for six months and you can expect to change everything in a six month span with absolutely no help from people that actually believe what you’re saying, but are afraid to admit it, because it would actually give validity to what I’m saying, and these people don’t want to admit that I’m right, because ten years ago I was mean to them or made them wait in a lobby at Extreme because they weren’t important enough for me to see right away. Because I wouldn’t let then be in our social group, I wouldn’t let them be part of our little high school social group.”

“So these people will actually vote against their own interests. Just like the inbred hillbilly Republicans with their guns and religion.They won’t support Rob Black because he was mean to them. They are just like the people who wouldn’t vote for Obama because he was black. You voted for a Republican who took away your shit, closed down the federal government, got us into two wars, took the stock market down to 6000 and almost bankrupted the country and the world and you said ‘Well hey, at least he ain’t a fucker’

“It’s like our business. ‘I’d rather pay 20% across the board for my agent fees because I don’t like Rob Black because he made me wait in a lobby and was mean to me.’

“What a bunch of fucking inbred assholes you are. What a bunch of stupid ignorant assholes.”

“So this is what I deal with. And it’s fucking amusing. It really is.”

“You listen to the same people because you think they’re cool, and they give you the same wrong information and you expect different results when you find out it’s bullshit. It’s the definition of crazy.”

“Everytime we have some sort of health crisis, whether it’s syphilis, Mr. Marcus spreading it to, ten fifteen people. Who knows? You’ll never know the real number. You’ll never know. Free speech Coalition will never tell you, Diane Duke won’t tell you, John Stagliano won’t tell you, Christian Mann, Dr Miao.”

“The only thing that tells you it’s something is when you go to our site.”

“When you go on the section of the site that says Rob Black Speeches, you will see a note that was given to talent who were exposed to syphilis. It says that they were exposed with it, they’ll always show a positive test for it even though they’ve been treated.”

“Nobody else talked about it, no one else reported on it. You have talent walking around with doctor notes, and you have Diane Duke and Christian Mann saying what Mr. Marcus did was he was just caught up in a circumstance and it was really Talent Testing Services that faked his test, and so on.”

Here’s where we’re showing you that there were on set transmissions, and had it been HIV you would have a shitload of talent running around with ” a manageable disease” according to Julie Meadows.

“How can we say there was no on set transmission, when the testing system let someone get through, and if it had been HIV there would have been an epidemic?”

“So what happened yesterday, AiDS Healthcare Foundation had a press release about Cal/OSHA investigating a company in San Francisco, and we actually talked about some of this with Mark McGrath of AHF (not Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray) when we met with them, and them traveling to Florida and Oakland for investigations and Cal/OSHA meetings and about how they were appalled that challenged the workmen’s comp claim by Cameron Bay for damaging her breast on the Public Disgrace shoot, among other things.”

“So I would tell you guys from my meetings with AHF that they told me about certain things that were coming. And all of you scoffed at me. Go figure.”

“I had some people tell me that I dropped the ball. That they laughed at me. I’m not sure when that happened. Was that somewhere around the time I sent Cameron Bay to them so she could get medical treatment so she wouldn’t fucking die? So she could have the same dignity and respect that John Stagliano has, a man who let a transsexual with a bloody penis fuck him in his rectum. A millionaire who can afford the meds that keep his HIV status undetectable.”

“Cameron Bay doesn’t receive her medication from the industry that infected her. She receives her medication from AIDS Healthcare Foundation. So apparently Mr. Zicari’s meetings didn’t go that bad you assholes.”

AHF reported that Cal/OSHA had inspected and fined a company that produces bareback gay porn, Factory Video in San Francisco.

“So we had a nice conversation about Mike Gatto and why people were fighting the legislation and as I delved more into the information, I told you guys a theory. Because when I sat there with AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Mark McGrath explained to me the position of Cal/OSHA.”

“I explained this to all of you guys and you went ‘bla bla bla bla’ Because you can’t comprehend it. So let me explain it to you again.”

“The information I was given is that Cal/OSHA are not policemen. There were not a proactive organization of Los Angeles, of California, of the state. They are not people running around with guns, badges and tasers raiding businesses checking permits, saying hey are your signs up, hey are you treating your employees humanely, none of that.”

“They sit in fucking offices and they field paperwork all day. And when they get enough complaints on a certain person, and the people are making enough noise that the bureaucracy of Cal/OSHA has to actually get up and go ‘All right, we heard that this restaurant had rat hairs in it and they beat their employees and they call the health department and say, ok let’s go’ And then they go on down.”

“And if no one files any complaints against the adult industry, they are never going to act on anything, because when they get one or two, that’s nothing to them.”

“So they get a pice of paper that’s written like chicken scratch, because most people in the adult industry aren’t literate, they’re fucking ignorant and then they don’t even put their real name, because they’re fucking pussies. ‘Larry Horsedick’ because they’re in fear of ‘reprisals’ So they send that letter to Cal/OSHA.”

“And the people at Cal/OSHA go’ Hey Marvin you know what this is? It’s two company owners trying to drop dimes on each other, saying the other one’s doing pedophilia, and there’s rape and incest and then they sign it Captain Spalding. And they expect Cal/OSHA to come in with the cavalry and bust in so they sit back and laugh and go hahaha’

‘Yeah, take that and crumple it and throw it away Marvin’

“So guess what morons? Unless people show up with evidence and are willing to go on the record, Cal/OSHA ain’t gonna do a fucking thing. And when I say go on the record, an anonymous letter telling someone to do something ain’t gonna do shit. There needs to be representation. There needs to be more than some guy off the street who goes in and says ‘ Hey i know this porno dude and he doesn’t use rubbers.”

“It’s like when people talk about the agents and reporting them to labor boards and you say ‘ that’s been going on for years’ and people haven’t gone to the police and gone through the proper channels and someone says ‘ I know for a fact that someone wrote a letter to the labor and immigration and said that Derek Hay was here illegally and he brings girls in from the Czech Republic.”

“Are fucking serious? These people get this letter that says there’s this guy Derek Hay and he’s a bad man and you know what immigration does? They crumple that fuckin letter and wipe their ass with it. Fuckin morons. The letter’s signed Concerned Citizen of America. Please.”

“And they run back to a message board and go OOOOhhh I know bad things are gonna happen to LA Direct! You’ll see! It’s coming! Signed The Boogeyman!”

“So you say, but Rob we sent a letter to the labor board and we signed it Captain Howdy Doody!”

“We’ve been on the air for six months. And in six months we’ve taken a business that’s basically been silent and people are starting to speak up and you’re comparing a letter that you wrote signed Captain Howdy Doody?”

“And you sit there and expect results and come to me and I say what have you done and you say ‘We wrote letters’

“Why don’t you go out and rally talent and why don’t you have an activism party at your house? Oh no, I’d rather go on a message board and write anonymous letters. Because you’re a punk bitch.”

“You think Christian Mann is going to get people to get together and have a meeting and talk about issues with talent and let them ask real questions? No because he would get bitch slapped because him and Diane Duke have no answers. That’s why they hide behind keyboards and specially worded press releases. Christian Mann gets together with his lovely wife and they spend 8 hours writing the biggest bunch of lying bullshit in the world.”

“So this is the industry. And Cal/OSHA is coming. Mike Gatto said why should we pass legislation when the laws are already on the books and Cal/OSHA make companies comply with fines. So all of you people that give a shit, why don’t you get off your asses and get on Cal/OSHA’s ass?”

“Why did AHF and Isadore Hall go the route they did? Because it’s easier. Once it’s statewide, they don’t have to go to each municipality.”

“So basically Mike Gatto told them all to fuck off and go work. Use the laws that are already on the books and force a condom mandate.”

“So what I’ve said is exactly what came into play with the San Francisco Cal/OSHA investigation. ”

Let’s read the letter:

Five of the citations Factory received were classified ‘Serious’ by Cal OSHA (others were classified as ‘General’ or ‘Regulatory’ and also resulted in fines). Of these five Serious citations, three resulted in $9,000 fines apiece including one for failure to maintain an Exposure Control Plan; a second, for failure to observe and practice Universal Precautions for possible contact with or exposure to blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM); and lastly, for failing to use engineering and work practice controls to eliminate or minimize employee exposure to “…minimize splashing, spraying, spattering, and generation of droplets of… blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM).”

“Oh my god there ain’t no way around that when we’re picking up cum rags, jizz blankets and everything else. Remember we’ve never tried to be a legitimate business because we’re all pirates and scoundrels and tough guys. But the tough guys that led us are pussy bitches. Steve Hirsch, pussy bitch, John Stagliano, Christian Mann, pussy bitch, pussy bitch, Steve Orenstein, pussy bitch, Peter Acworth, pussy bitch. Five pussy bitches that do nothing but hide and perpetuate lies.”

“And here you are all getting jammed up your assholes, because there’s no way around people ejaculating, shitting. pissing, whatever bodily fluids laying around because someone has to pick all that up.”

“That’s what you all get for having people like Ernest “Manwoman’ Greene and Bryn Pryor sit there at Cal/OSHA meetings with their arms crossed and basically telling Cal/OSHA to fuck off and mind their own business.”

“Because if all of you would’ve worked with Cal/OSHA back then, we would not be going through this now. But thanks to Ernest ‘Mr Hartley’ Greene and Bryn Pryor, you now have walking talking violations every time you shoot.”

“So now Cal/OSHA is doing something because AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been up their asses and saying guys, enough’s enough. This past year, we’ve had syphilis, Hep C, Cameron Bay. Hey how about we pretend Cameron Bay never got HIV, how about the fact that she was punched in the tit so hard on a Kink shoot, that she had to go to the hospital? That alone, isn’t even covering the workmen’s comp claim.”

“Cal/OSHA finally said, enough is enough”

“AHF doesn’t have to think about condom laws right now, because there is about 78 violations on the Devils Film 50 man anal gangbang alone. It was shot in the Valley, but forget about that and breaking the condom law, how many violations do you think it would rack up. Condoms. Who needs stinking condoms?”

“If a gay company shooting bareback scenes where they’re coming on each other and they get hit with five violations, what the fuck do you think having Jennifer White having a anal creampie gangbang with 50 of the most disgusting human beings imaginable, including a homeless man, and they all ejaculate in Jennifer White’s anus and each guys sticks his dick into her hole one after another filled with the previous guys semen. How many violations is the 50 man creampie gonna rack up?”

“If a simple boy on boy scene produces $60,000 in violations, what does a 50 man creampie gangbang add up to? A million fucking dollars? They’re gonna walk up to Nick Orlandino and say, how long have you owned the company? A year? You owe us a million dollars. Well it’s ours now. We’re gonna call it Devil/ OSHA productions.”

“The people that think they can win a battle with AHF are fooling themselves. These people foot the bill for over a quarter million people for healthcare. Fighting them is worse than fighting the government like I did. I had people on my side like Ted Koppel defending me. Obscenity is subjective. It’s much harder to prove. Condom laws and Cal/OSHA rules are cut and dry.”

“Cal/OSHA rules weren’t meant for the porn industry. If we had embraced condom laws and worked with them and AHF, they wouldn’t have gotten involved and we would have legitimized the industry.”

“So this week you’re getting fucked by all the people I’ve been telling you are coming to fuck you. And if Bryn Pryor had not shouted these people down, we would not be in this situation.”

“Are you people getting it yet? Or is it me just going bla bla bla? Well I guess my bla bla bla makes a lot of sense sense sense, and if you would’ve listened to me you wouldn’t be getting fucked fucked fucked.”

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