Can we trade Monica Foster and other liberal, feminist scum for certain illegal Mexicans?

Donald J. Trump is a great man but one thing he should do instead of getting rid of illegal hard working Mexicans is let those people stay in, let them work these low skilled, miserable manual labor jobs that lazy people don’t want to do and trade them for lazy, worthless, entitled scumbags like Monica Foster/Alexandra Mayers that don’t want to work and will never look for a legitimate job. How about it?

Monica Foster and other liberal, feminist trash want Trump to fail even if it means that America fails. These anti-American pieces of shit are even calling for the assassination of Mr. Trump. Sorry, you were outvoted and throwing fits will do nothing. You had your 8 years and you are no better off. Too bad if your feelings get hurt but people are sick of the fags, fag hags, trannies, temper tantrums and all the rest of your bullshit that was able to go on and run wild the past 8 years. Your homosexual father, Ivan Leacock Mayers, did just fine for himself in life but he didn’t sit around blaming the government for his problems and he had less opportunity than you did. Grow the fuck up and get a life.

Foster/Mayers tried with all her might to discredit the President and his lovely wife during the campaign and of course, no one reads her bullshit and she had no effect on the outcome. Even the worthless celebrities that campaigned against Mr. Trump just fueled the fire and gave him more momentum. If they can’t influence the public (Except to make the public support Trump even more) why does she think that some unpopular, disgusting hooker that no one will ever respect can influence anyone?

So it’s really strange that such a bottom feeding, drug taking, HIV and herpes+ whore would be so disgusted by a beautiful family like the Trump’s. What can they do to her that she hasn’t already done to herself? What have they done or said that is more disgusting and vile than what she has said and done in her crummy life? Mr. Trump loves the country and will serve it well. Mayers needs to hit the road to Mexico and walk the streets of Tijuana and get the fuck out of everyone’s sight. How did Obama make her life better seeing that she will be half a million dollars in the hole in a few weeks? This just seems like someone that has their priorities out of order and is more concerned with being offended than they are about the state of the country. Grow up and help yourself. Go off and get offended by Trump if you want but he will get things done much to the horror of you, Obama, freeloading lazy citizens that don’t want to work and all the rest of you anti-American pieces of shit. And NOTHING is coming down off this web site. NOTHING!



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