Catalina, Krystal and a Jedi, Sports Swami

(WORLD WIDE WEB) — Things get wild and a bit free spirited as the Sports Swami talks to three young stars who are known to speak their mind. Max Hardcore gal Catalina and Pleasure contract gal Krystal Steal join heavyweight boxer Gerald “The Jedi” Nobles for a jam packed hour of action and fun.

>From doing anal and hardcore sex scenes to being on reality dating shows on mainstream, Catalina is on fire. Her recent appearances on The 5th Wheel and Blind Date have already boosted her new appeal. With her Hustler Busty Beauties Cover on deck, the young Latina star is getting noticed. She sits down to discuss her breast job, controversial tactics with Max Hardcore, the behind the scenes stories with the 5th wheel, and other projects lined up for her.

She is blonde, busty, laid back, and now the big star over at Pleasure Productions is ready to sit down for a tete-a-tete. The young temptress is taking on the mantle from Gina Lynn and is affiliated with some of the top people in the industry. Along with DJ Dance, The Swami tackles her Pot-ential habits, her rumored romance with an NFL star, her family and their attitude towards what she does plus whispers of a feud between Gina and Krystal.

And no show can be complete without some outrageous statements and trash talking, which is Nobles specialty. The 21-0 heavyweight prospect promises a severe beating to Jeremy Williams as well as challenging the heavyweight champion to a fight. Last time he was on the show, the Swami couldn’t get a word in as Nobles went off. Can the Swami get the last word in this time?

Find out this Friday, September 12th only on Body Shots and Money Shots, 1 p.m. Eastern time on


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