Catching Up on Stuff: In Penny Pax’s Flimsy Story, Why Didn’t Spiegler or Her Boyfriend Come to the Rescue?

I spent the last couple of days moving my shit from one location to another. Apparently I missed nothing. Agents lie. Porn stars lie, and AVN is still swearing to it.

Rob Black on his show, last Friday attacked, with gusto, statements agent Mark Spiegler made regarding the Richard Nanula story.

“The propaganda ministers try to spin stories for Spiegler who’s not smart enough to spin a story that doesn’t make him look stupid,” Black continued.

“When you lie and make up a story you have to make it airtight or you look stupid, and reveal you for the punk troll that you are. Spiegler’s so fucking stupid, and I feed sorry for his partner George who is a good guy. George is actually logical.

“For some reason Spiegler is too fucking stupid to know how world, politics and media works,” Black went on to say.

“He’s too fucking stupid. He and Peter Warren decide to craft a story that somehow clears Spiegler because Spiegler figures it’s only a matter of time that it was proven his girls do the same thing as Samantha Saint.

“But he opens himself up to more questions that when Princess Donna and Victor book his girls to beat them- Spiegler’s acting like I don’t know anything, but every girl you book through Mark Spiegler, Spiegler gets information days in advance.

“Everybody forgets I was intricately involved with someone from Spiegler and I know how he works,” Black points out.

“Every girl and producer in the business knows how he works, and the girls brag how he’s the boss and the fucking gangster of the Valley.

“But in his interview with Bagdad Peter Warren, he acts like the world’s worst agent in the world. You stupid troll, more people listen to me than AVN. I’m the media. You want to know what’s actually going on, the mainstream press they go here. They used to go to Mike South, but he’s so full of shit.

“If you examine the great troll of the industry and Bagdad Warren’s statements, this is precious. It’s a bullshit story and it gets too fun.

“Out of the gate, it’s a story about another scumbag agent who is supposedly reputable, who looks out for talent and is the watch dog. But how is it this guy knew about the Nanula scam over one year ago, and, once again, did not inform a single person?

“Why is it you dismiss that point in all these stories? The first glaring thing that hits me, is that it was known this was going on for over a year and Spiegler doesn’t tell anybody, and this bullshit story includes the one incident involving a big company and big producer. Spiegler, if they were so big, why did you not speak up?

“Doesn’t this show the people in Cal/OSHA or a jury in the Stagliano case, that you’re saying something now because you were forced? How good of an agent are you looking out for talent when you’ve known about this and don’t say nothing?

“Why didn’t you talk about this a year ago? Everyone of these girls are coming out and saying they were being lied to. So why is no one sticking up for Katie Summers who was lied to by John Stagliano?

“Why is Richard Nanula putting a camera on a tripod, and why is that so offensive now? Where are all of you people sticking up for Katie Summers?

“Peter Warren, if I see you on the street I’ll slap you, you cunt. But because John Stagliano pays your salary could that be it? Mark Spiegler, John Stagliano pays your salary. You guys are running a campaign saying you were lied to and deceived; but Katie Summers wasn’t lied to and deceived? Where is the outrage Peter Warren? You people are pathetic and disgusting. Unbelievable.

“The fact that Spiegler doesn’t speak up is pathetic. He’s a punk. His girls feel deceived, and you don’t say anything? Fuck you.

Spiegler has addresses down and details for every shoot, Black notes.

“They know all the information. Spiegler is supposed to be a great agent. He’s up your ass on who the talent you’re working with is.

“In his story, Spiegler notes that Nanula had a private test from a doctor which raised suspicions. You think he would have gone, whoa, hold the fuck up. Sarah Shevon’s agent, her people who are supposed to be looking out for her have never told her that if it’s not a CET or a TTS test you don’t do the scene. Was she never told of this from Spiegler?

“Where in porn logic did Sarah Shavon think that a test not from these guys is normal? Yet Spiegler said [to Peter Warren] she went and did the scene and there was nothing unusual? That’s either more proof that agents lie to the girls, or this girl doesn’t know enough between a fake test and real test.

“This is a real good one for Cal/OSHA when talent doesn’t comprehend between a fake test and real test,” said Black.

“Peter Warren and Spiegler, you guys are such geniuses you announced to the world that our talent doesn’t know the difference between tests especially with a guy they’ve never seen before.

“’My test doesn’t look like their test? Okay I’ll do the scene anyway because my ‘daddy, my supreme leader never instructed me good enough or is such a putz.’

“Spiegler, what is it? If you are the agent that everyone in the business says is the greatest in the world, if you are the fucking man you say you are and all your talent are superstars, and your talent knows you work for them and look out for them, and you don’t try to fuck them and your talent knows that when you say something is gospel, what I’d like to know is when you say to one of your girls, hey, the scene you’re going to is with a guy I never heard of, you need to double check his test.

“Why would she not double check and still perform with a test from a private doctor? It’s a pretty good question?

“If you told Sarah Shevon to double check, why would she still perform in a scene when he [Nanula] has a private test?

“Spiegler is then told that Trinity St. Claire wants to book more girls but before moving forward Spiegler wants to meet Nanula,” Black further related.

“He sets up a meeting at a café in Malibu. Spiegler notes that Nanula looks like a business executive who seemed to know a lot about the business. Spieglar wanted to see the test which was from a private doctor which set off alarm bells.

“Spiegler wanted to see Nanula on Trinity St. Claire’s website, but pending that, he cancelled the shoot with Remy LaCroix and Lily laBeau. But that wasn’t the last time a Spiegler girl got involved. Penny Pax then shot a scene for another producer, but it was a private show for Nanula’s pleasure.

“A director for major company booked Penny Pax for a scene with himself,” Spiegler went on to relate in his AVN account.

“That’s a very big statement,” Black pointed out.

“Spiegler is saying one of the major companies and directors is part of the scam, but Spiegler doesn’t tell anyone about it. It was Nanula’s house.

“Pax went to do the scene in Malibu, and Spiegler has already sent girls there. Sarah Shevon went to Malibu to that location. Spiegler has already met the guy and has been involved with this shady thing.

“Now Spiegler has one of his girls book for a big production company that doesn’t give him details until the last minute, and Penny Pax went out there to do the scene not realizing that the address was the same Sarah Shevon got?

“Spiegler didn’t think any of this was weird? How about the fact that Spiegler has never ever accepted a booking 15 minutes before the shoot except for this major studio and director at the last minute.

“And he was in such a hurry not to think about this Malibu address. There aren’t many major companies left, we could whittle them down, and they wait to give you that address?

“Every motherfucker in this business knows that’s a lie and you would never do that. To me this shows that Spiegler girls aren’t working that much to turn down weird, funny scenes where a guy has a fugazi AIDS test.

“Pax went out to do the scene, and the director didn’t show until 9. A major company with a big director, and there’s nobody there? Pax said Spiegler called her, and Spiegler called the director who’s going I should have realized something was up when the homeowner let his house for free.

“Are you guys fucking insane? This is a major company, and a big director? ‘Oh, I should have realized something was up.’

“The fucked up AIDS test wasn’t a clue? The same addresses weren’t a clue for Spiegler? But this is the best – because this is priceless. Pax corroborated Spiegler’s account. Pax talks like a girl off the street without an agent.

“What she’s saying is like she has no representation and is a babe in the woods. This is amazing. This is coming off the Sarah Shevon and the Malibu address. For Pax to feel weird why did she do the scene? Why are we working so late? What’s up with that location way out of the way in Malibu?

“Spiegler knows that Nanula has a fugazi doctor test, but nobody’s saying a word.

“Pax shows up and the talent is two hours late with the homeowner {Nanula] on the couch and he had his dick out and was jerking off. Wow, what’s going on here? Pax said she didn’t want to be there and was uncomfortable.

“Nobody told her what was happening and she left? The rest of this scene [anal] is not working out she tells everybody.

“Pax’s statement sounds like a girl who‘s afraid she’s going to be beaten by her pimp,” Black observed.

“But she stays anyway being tormented. Every woman out there should hear what Pax is saying that she was already weirded out by circumstances, but remained. She gets there and waits for two hours for the director to arrive who’s supposed to be a big director.

“I got to assume those two hours she’s calling her agent who’s calling the director. I know Spiegler would be doing that because I used to give girls 50 page scripts to read, and Spiegler called complained that they were up too late acting in a movie.

“Spiegler to me was putting his foot down, but Penny Pax is sitting on a set of a known company, and she’s sitting there in a creepy house and didn’t want to be there; but she stayed for two hours in a situation she was scared of? Wow.

“If that is not an indictment on our business and what the girls go through. For two hours this poor girl sat in a fucking house, with no director, except with some creepy guy and she don’t want to be there.

“Why? Because she’s supposed to be doing an anal scene. She’s tortured and tormented because Mark Spiegler needs to get his 20%. Why would she not call her agent? Holy shit. AVN asked her what happened and she said this bullshit logic.

“Asked what transpired, Pax said she spent the first hour cleaning her butt for an anal scene; the second hour she smoked, called Spiegler and called her boyfriend and was hanging out.

“‘It was me and the homeowner and it was really weird. He was drinking wine and offering me wine. It was totally weird and just so shady.’ But Pax is saying ‘I’m not stupid. I can figure it out.’

“Really? You’re not stupid? You are, you fucking idiot. You did a scene feeling creepy. After you talked to your boyfriend and Spiegler, you continued to stay there because you’re not stupid; but when it came to the guy pulling his dick out, that’s when you killed the scene.

“But you’re not stupid. You just told everybody about feeling creepy, weird and scared; but you figured you’d take the money because your pimp needed it, but you still did the scene? I’m confused.

“Peter Warren, Spiegler when you’re making up stories- and I will dissect your bullshit – I will make people laugh at you over how Mark Spiegler is ignorant, stupid and tries to paint himself as Mother Theresa.

“But the fact is, he’s a piece of human garbage predator cocksucker who does not look after any of his talent; or, if he does, he takes all of their money.

“My other question is why didn’t Mark Spiegler say this is wrong, and I’m killing the scene? This bullshit. Why didn’t Mark Spiegler say that? If you, Penny Pax, oh my God, keep saying this is shady and you didn’t want to be there, I’m lost. It was shady.

“You keep saying that, but you’re saying ‘I’m not stupid.’ You are stupid, you dumb cunt. You sat there for two hours, cunt. If you knew what was going on, why did you proceed with your scene which leads me to believe your agent and boyfriend who’s supposed to look out for you, why didn’t he say I’m going to get you? There’s no reason you should have a creepy guy stalking you.

“What kind of man is your boyfriend? What kind of fucking man sits there and has his scared girlfriend telling you of a shady situation and you don’t get her out of it?

“You’re either lying about the story, or these people are the biggest pieces of human garbage and should be prosecuted.”

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