Celebrity Rehab: Tom Sizemore, Heidi Fleiss Re-Union; Dr. Drew Predicts He’s a Goner

from www.gather.com – We’ve been waiting since the beginning of the season of Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew for Tom Sizemore to check in, and all I could think of once he made his brief appearance at the Pasadena Recovery Center was that he seemed to be be this season’s Jeff Conaway, the guy that is so far gone it’s shocking and that through much of it you realize he could be beyond help.

Tom was supposed to check in on the first day of shooting the show, but was nowhere to be found. Bob Forrest seemed to spend the whole episode last week walking around looking for him. He showed up at the Center last night, and no matter what he was saying, they knew he had been on a four-day bender.

The first sign that Tom wasn’t here for the long haul and wasn’t quite ready for this step was him showing up without a lot of belongings. It was clear he wasn’t ready to spend a few weeks there. Shelly Sprague wasn’t too surprised to go through the only bag he brought with him and find drugs. We weren’t surprised to see them either.

What was surprising was Tom’s tender reunion with Heidi Fleiss. The two had had a long term relationship spurred on by drugs. Tom calls being with Heidi the beginning of his problems, yet admits he was using beforehand. Eventually he went to prison for beating her. It was definitely a relationship that couldn’t have continued, as they seemed to bring out the worst in each other.

Oddly, it was Mackenzie Phillips who alerted Heidi that Tom was there. She ran into Heidi’s room and announced that Tom was there, and before she even had time to react, asked her how she felt about that. Then she repeatedly told her where he was so that that awkward reunion could happen even quicker. Everyone knows that type of person, the one that tries to take the heat off themselves by calling everyone else out. Mackenzie also woke up Dennis Rodman to alert him that Mindy had had a seizure, and when Mindy said later how sweet Dennis had been, Mack too responsibility for getting him out there.

While we expected Tom and Heidi’s reunion to be tense, instead it was quite tender, as they hugged and had sweet little kisses. It was clear that they missed each other, and it didn’t seem like it was the drugs that they missed. It almost seemed they were the only ones that could truly understand each other. It’s hard to figure, though, if that’s a healthy situation for them.

At least it was fulfilling human contact for Heidi. She has her fascination with her parrots, and it seems like an extension of a cat lady. Instead of filling the voids in her life with cats, she uses birds. She can’t think of any person that she loves or that loves her, but it’s clear there is still feelings there for Tom. She blames her removal from society on drugs, but Dr. Drew knows there’s something much deeper going on with her.

Tom eventually made excuses to leave and they couldn’t keep him there. He kept saying he needed to go see his kids and pick up the rest of his clothes that were being packed up for him, but everyone knew if he left, he was just going to go use. They were trying to keep him there, but he wasn’t having it. Eventually he got in a car and left, but Dr. Drew feared as he watched him drive away that he’d never see him alive again.

It was definitely chilling hearing Dr. Drew’s words and watching Tom drive away. We all know that’s a very real possibility. While we know he’s still alive, and that the show has finished, we don’t know if he ever came back to the Center so that they could start helping him, or more importantly so that he could start helping himself.

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