Chairman of Nevada Libertarian Party Resigns Because of Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow

I want to share this story that the Black Panther Monica Foster sent me.

It’s on and it says:

Chairman claims Nevada Libertarian Party ‘infested with idiots’

by Scott Kaufman

The Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Nevada (LPN), Joseph P. Silvestri, recently announced that he “need[s] a break” from the “knuckleheads” who run the LPN.

“I have little hope that we shall see any quality activists lead the LPN this next cycle,” he writes. “We are infested with idiots.”

Silvestri says he’s struggled for a decade to make the state Libertarian party a competitor in Nevada but now must “concede defeat.” With only 9,300 registered Libertarians in the state, only 200 of them are paid members of the LPN.

“Most people, even libertarians, are apathetic and kinda lazy,” Silvestri says. “And too few people are really professional when they’re not being paid.” Those who do participate “thrive on drama.”

Silvestri complains that infighting between “con-man and fraud” Brett Pojunis and registered sex-offender Kurt Brackob has made it impossible for the LPN to field or fund viable candidates for local and state offices.

Pojunis, according to Silvestri, is a “fraud and a liar” who made promises he couldn’t keep — about viable candidates he could bring to the convention, as well as donations he could secure — and courted the “lunatic fringe of the party” in order to enrich himself personally.

Brackob’s unethical behavior is unrelated to his placement on the Nevada Sex Offender’s Registry, but in Silvestri’s opinion, Pojunis’s fight to have Brackob placed on it created a toxic environment in which the main “goals” of the party became “hav[ing] an important-sounding title” and “mak[ing] money off the LPN.”

“I’ve struggled with idiots who find it easier to destroy than create,” Silvestri writes, but after “more than a decade trying to help build the LPN into a viable political organization that could compete with the establishment parties, and get Libertarians elected, I have conceded defeat.”

You read that? It means that the Chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party just quit.

I love this part:

“Brackob’s unethical behavior is UNrelated to his placement on the Nevada Sex Offender’s Registry…”

So this dude is saying that Brackob is such a piece of shit it even goes beyond him fucking kids.

I don’t see how Marc Randazza can bullshit the entire adult industry in believing that Las Vegas Nevada is such a bastion of Libertarianism.

This article says that out of 9300 registered Libertarians in the state, only 200 of them are paid members.

Marc Randazza is basically telling everyone to move out to Las Vegas, even though it’s illegal to shoot there, because Las Vegas is controlled by Libertarians. All 200 paid members of them.

Marc Randazza, Free Speech Coalition, Diane Duke, XBIZ, none of them want to denounce working with a pedophile, but Joseph P. Sylvestri, the head of the Nevada Libertarian Party, quit three days ago because of two people, one of them being Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow aka child fucker.

How can Marc Randazza say that the Libertarian Party is who is gonna save the industry from the big bad wolf of legislation when the boss of the party says that it is infested with idiots, con men and pedophiles.

You guys know who Harry Reid is? He’s the senator from Nevada who recently overhauled the filibuster rules in Congress. He just won reelection running against a Tea Party wing nut. This is a guy with a lot of juice.

Nevada is a state controlled by unions, regulation, they have legalized prostitution. It’s a state with lots of regulation. Who controls it? Harry Reid.

The Democratic Party in Nevada are not a bunch of weak puny putzes who are kowtowing to 9300 Libertarians who include charlatans and pedophiles amongst their ranks. The former head of the party just said they amount to shit.

The Chairman of the Libertarian Party just quit because of the actions of a pedophile and a con man. What did I tell you? The real world gets in front of a story and reacts when there is fucked up shit. What happened a couple of days ago? The motherfucking boss of the Libertarian Party in Nevada resigned due to a pedophile. And the leaders of our business can’t even acknowledge a pedophile in their midst.

I told you that in the real world they don’t tolerate this. And this just proved my fucking point.

XBIZ had this guy on a panel at their last XBIZ 360 show. There are pictures of him with Diane Duke from the event on the XBIZ site. They’ve been notified of this. And they haven’t said one fucking word.

They haven’t said, “We fucked up. We entrusted Diane Duke and Free Speech Coalition and they invited a pedophile. We’re sorry.” And I would’ve said, “Forgive them, for they knew not what they did.”

They knew about this four days ago. Why has XBIZ not said one fucking word?

Our industry covers up its association with child fuckers. Yet in the real world, the boss of the Libertarian Party in Nevada says, “That’s a child fucker. I’m outta here.”

Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow was at the XBIZ 360 conference in January this past year. He was on a panel on Sex and Politics that Diane Duke moderated. Why was he on that panel? You would think that when Diane Duke put together this panel she would have gone back to her office that all of you pay for and went to her computer and typed his name into Google to see if was qualified to speak. If she would’ve checked she would’ve find out that he was a convicted pedophile. Plain and simple.

She would have found out his background and told him no thanks. But she didn’t. She put him on the panel. If she put him on the panel knowing his past, what does that say? It says Free Speech Coalition can look past the issue of a man who has sex with children, was caught and imprisoned for it, who has produced child pornography and runs a child sex ring in Romania.

It means they have no problem with this man’s past and by overlooking it they are endorsing and condoning his behavior.

If anyone sits on the board and does not address this issue and explain why they are willing to have Free Speech Coalition be associated with a convicted pedophile, they are endorsing and condoning pedophilia.

Kurt Brackob is a pedophile. That is a fact. He was convicted and jailed for it. Fact. He appeared on a panel at XBIZ 360 last year with Diane Duke. Fact. He sponsored a panel discussion in Las Vegas entitled “Individual Liberty and the Adult Entertainment Industry” that included Diane Duke, Christian Mann, Marc Randazza and Julie Meadows. Fact.

If someone reports on this issue without including all of these facts, or doesn’t correct his report when he is proven wrong, he is endorsing and condoning pedophilia.

If you are a leader in the industry and you do not speak out on this issue, you are a coward and you support people who have sex with children.

Joseph P. Sylvestri resigned his post as Chairman of The Libertarian Party of Nevada because one of its board members was a pedophile. He acknowledged a problem with finding viable candidates who wanted to be associated with LPN because of it.

Free Speech Coalition will not respond even when evidence is presented right to their faces.

XBIZ is saying and doing nothing, even though they had Kurt Brackob aka Kurt Treptow speaking on one of their panels. They could explain themselves and say they weren’t aware, that they don’t organize the speakers, the moderators do, something. Instead they say nothing.

If this was the real world, they would be done. If any organization put on an event with a pedophile they would be done. In our world, you have to look at everything like politics. These people are as powerful as senators in our world because they control policy and what we do.

This our real world. We have a pedophile speaking on panels and organizing events. If a senator had a pedophile on their staff or involved in any way with their organization they would have to answer for it and would pay a huge political price for not doing the research and properly vetting this person.

Yet our industry remains completely silent and nobody in our news media investigates or reports about anything.

For nobody at XBIZ to say anything is deplorable. If this was the real world they would be lynched. Right now the entire business would be on fire if this was the real world.

This story is not going to go away. I am here every day for five hours. And for five hours a day I will let the world know that the leaders of the adult industry endorse and do business with pedophiles. I will let everyone know that our news organizations ignore and coverup pedophilia.

Welcome to the real world.

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