Charity Bangs is Going to Preach to You About Health While Her Agency, 101 Modeling, Is the work with Mr. Marcus Agency

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Kayden Kross is not the only woman in porn talking out of her ass on the Slim Pickens website.

Charity Bangs added her two cents earlier this week. Bangs talks about Mr. Marcus altering his test, but wasn’t it her agency, 101 Modeling run by Bud Lee and Robert Moran, which looked the other way when Lylith Lavey worked with Mr. Syphilis? Just checking.

“Many people had a call to arms, some even threatening to quit working over the events, but with a few exceptions, not a single person did much more than rant and rave on twitter,” Bangs notes.

Again, it was Bangs’ agency who sent Lylith Lavey on that job.

In the same breath Bangs is urging performers to sign the FORPORN Talent Transparency Pact (FTTP) which is short for the “Fraternal ORder of PORNographers.”

Any way you cut the cheese that sounds like a union to me and where have we been hearing this talk. Bangs is also calling for a health strategy that, of course, involves LATATA, masters of health strategy judging from the way the Clover and Alex Gonz situations were cleanly handled.

“Charity Bangs is with pimps Bud Lee and Robert Moran,” Rob Black observed on his show Friday afternoon.

“’We’re all going to get together with LATATA,’ she says.

“All you people forget every time we have a health scare in the business, porn then says, wait a minute there’s a flaw and thanks everybody for showing it, we’re going to police ourselves and then they say fuck off.

“Charity Bangs is 24 with a pimp agent who sends her out, takes her money and she says ‘we all got to protect each other.’

“This is a business of coddling children to take their money,” said Black.

“You’ve already robbed them of their innocence. Where else could you work with someone who is HIV positive and they wouldn’t reveal it to you? In order to keep you vulnerable and weak, men will control your bodies and minds to make more money off of you.”

Slim Pickens in his comments said it would probably take a lawyer to make Bangs’ ideas work. By lawyer, Black assumed Pickens was talking about Michael Fattorosi.

“This guy [Fattorosi] runs pimp seminars in Chicago,” observed Black.

“He’s married to an escort, Vanessa Blue for crissake. Are you people maddening? Where do people get the audacity to think a bunch of escorts, pimps and wannabe lawyers all got the wisdom to create a medical facility that is going to protect the welfare of the business? Are you insane?

“Everybody’s doing these stories about AIM and it shows one more reason why we have no whatsoever business being in the medical field.

“We make movies. That’s what we do. People like James Avalon make great movies, but they don’t make great doctors. Avalon didn’t moonlight as a doctor when he did photography for Greg Dark. You got Mike South who tells you his website’s the bible, that everybody reads it, but he talks about the stupidest shit and makes up lies and propagates the eventual death of performers in the business and the death of the public in Los Angeles.

“Alex Gonz is faking tests and dodging clinics. We have a criminal prosecution in one part of the country for Hepatitis but Gonz is running around trying to infect women, and we’re not creating a public safety hazard? He purposely dodged tests. Mr. Marcus did a similar thing.

“How can you argue against regulation when the adult business is not under check? We provide a huge public disservice by providing people who knowingly infect the Los Angeles residents. They need to know that Alex Gonz and Mr. Marcus are trying to have sex with the general public at Fuddruckers and Applebees.

“The public at large is now at risk from the business. The people of Los Angeles when you see billboards, they’ll show you that the diseased performers in the business have run around and purposely infected people. You’ll see performer or are hiding their HIV status.

People are going to see billboards of John Stagliano, Alex Gonz, Mr. Marcus- Los Angeles, these are public enemies at large. They have sexually transmitted diseases that are life threatening- you need to know these men conceal their conditions. When you see them at a bar keep an eye out.

“Mike South and Diane Duke are purposely saying that LATATA and Derek Hay follow all procedures and everyone’s completely clear- you are all guilty of being Public Enemy #5,” Black continued.

“John Stagliano purposely hides the fact that he is HIV positive and performs in sexual movies with women and does not disclose his HIV status. He also has romantic relationships with adult performers secretly who are not HIV positive but work with the rest of the talent pool in a flawed talent system where Stagliano dopes himself up with viral load suppressants to look like he’s clear.

“This warrants an assault on Diane Duke, FSC and the talent testing services,” said Black.

“Cutting Edge is owned by Manwin. The Sharon Mitchell flawed system is the same as what Cutting Edge is. They are the same clinic that Sharon Mitchell had which everyone is saying was corrupt, bad, and was shit. That same tradition lives on in the Diane Duke approved and sanctioned system.

“It’s a service that’s supposed to protect us. If this isn’t a call out for one talent testing facility, I don’t know what is. Where in the fuck does anybody in the system have the credentials to do that?

“And why does it matter to the adult system? Why would it matter if an outside agency wanted to set up a clinic for the entire gay and straight industry:

“’We’re going to test for every battery of tests and work hand in hand with the UAWA.’

“It’s time for you to be responsible, wake up and realize that if you want to drive a car there’s procedures to doing that.

“Under UAWA your testing and medical will be covered. As a newbie you have to put in your time before you’re covered for these tests. Lisa Ann should be able to walk into that office knowing it’s regulated and monitored and not beholding to Derek Hay. More importantly Lisa Ann gets it for free.

“How is this for an idea? Instead of a facility whose sole purpose is to hurt you and keep you down to make more money, how about going to a facility whose goal is to help you so you can make more money?

“Everything that Mike South, Diane Duke and Free Speech designed is to hurt you. There hasn’t been one thing they’re done to help you. They’ve done nothing for you except put your life in danger, give you some chump change and promise that you’ll get an award. Maybe Peter Warren will do a story on you after he tries to take you to a family wedding.

“What business do we have to be medically testing people? Larry Flynt owns casinos, everything under the sun, but he doesn’t own medical testing. If he was a medical test expert he’d get off his wheelchair and do a jig.

“Cutting Edge before they were Cutting Edge – they were in so much debt and financial trouble, all that money was being siphoned out by Sharon Mitchell. Where’s Brooke Hunter? She was at LA Direct. Go figure.

“The corruption is not Diane Duke alone. They were all in cahoots together and got greedy because the money wasn’t coming in. Basically now they’re turning on each other- Mike South a shill is there to get paid and tell you how LATATA is cutting out Free Speech but they bowled together.

“Mike South cannot say he’s not the spokesman for LATATA. He states that LATATA knew that Free Speech and Diane Duke are scumbags and are criminal- these same criminals were involved in a fundraising event two weeks ago where everybody shared in the wealth. But three weeks later Derek Hay is withholding information from Free Speech because they don’t trust them. They didn’t get enough money at the bowling event?

“I know this is too intricate for you guys to understand; nor, again, it’s the messenger you despise so much it kills you to agree with me, so you’ll vote against your best interests which makes you hillbillies that live in a trailer collecting unemployment. Our industry is a bunch of inbred hillbillies voting against your own self-interests.”

Black said the only woman who could think of participating in a Free Speech bowling event had to be molested by an uncle in a trailer.

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