Charlie Sheen in the News? Here Comes Ginger Lynn!

I saw a funny story the other day. I was debating on whether or not to talk about it, because I feel bad for the woman. I feel bad in the sense that I used to masturbate to her. Now I feel like I was masturbating to a retard. That’s what it feels like now. I was masturbating to a retarded girl. So I feel bad for masturbating now.

I feel horrible talking about this. You’re saying, “Well then, don’t talk about it asshole.” But it really does show the mentality of the industry and it makes you feel so bad for the people who have been doing it forever.

AVN ran a story on Monday. The headline and subtitle read:

“Ginger Lynn Responds to Recently Released Sheen Letters Today”

“Adult industry’s legendary video queen answers questions regarding relationship with Charlie Sheen for the first time”

It’s quite amusing that every time Charlie Sheen is in the papers for whatever reason, Ginger Lynn seems to pop her head up and glom on to whatever publicity she can squeeze out of this story one last time. It doesn’t matter what it involves with Charlie, Ginger Lynn just gloms onto it and tries to suck the juice right out of it.

Now, the last time Charlie got in trouble, which was during the Two and a Half Men controversy and Charlie was going off the deep end and basically calling Chuck Lorre a kike, Ginger Lynn popped up and announced that she was having a big auction. She would be auctioning off some of her memorabilia from Charlie Sheen. It was posted in the LA Times back in March 8th of 2011. This was the last time she made a grab for her former glory.

It’s pretty interesting that Ginger has a child who was fathered by Steven Hirsch and she doesn’t really talk about it. Her kid’s dad is a multi-millionaire who is always embroiled in controversy, from Farrah Abraham to dating Melissa Rivers to allegedly being a pill popping dope head. She lost her radio gig when Manwin lost their deal with Sirius Radio and it was acquired by Vivid. Her ex radio partner Christy Canyon has a show on Vivid Radio and is collecting a paycheck from Steven Hirsch and Ginger is slumming it on whatever podcast she is doing now. But Ginger won’t talk about that. Instead she talks to the LA Times about her past with Charlie Sheen.

During the time that Charlie Sheen was having his meltdown and calling Chuck Lorre a dirty jew and making T-shirts that said “Winning,” Ginger talked to Scott Collins of the LA Times and says “…she got intimate with another side of TV’s top-earning actor — one that fans can now share for a price.”

Listen to this guys, it’s pretty funny:

“There’s a side of him that I don’t think many people hear about,” Lynn said during an interview Friday. “Especially because right now, everyone’s focusing on the negative. I have the soft, the considerate, the sensitive, the warm, the scared, the encouraging sides — I have all these sides of Charlie that no one’s talking about.”

“Now those in Sheen’s corner — that is to say, anyone not among the critics whom the actor dubs “trolls” — can have them too, as Lynn is prepared to use an adult-film collectibles site ( to sell off a trove of gifts, mementos and letters Sheen sent her during their two-year-plus romance in the early 1990s.”

Now coincidentally, these seem to be the same letters that were recently released by the government. I don’t know who is giving Ginger career advice. If it is the same person that I met when I had a meeting with her about six months ago, I can only tell Ginger to run. Run very fast. That guy has got to be the offspring of the Duck Dynasty guys minus the money and the TV show.

The article in the LA Times came out in 2011. We haven’t heard Ginger Lynn talking about Charlie Sheen in a while. But lo and behold, Ginger has popped up again and is talking about Charlie. Why? Because Sheen recently announced his engagement to porn star Brett Rossi. Granted, it wasn’t as big a news story as the Two and a Half Men debacle, but it made the gossip rounds. And who pokes their old head up? Ginger Lynn!

Now I feel bad that I jerked off to her, because I was jerking off to a retarded girl. Here’s the article from AVN:

“Legendary porn star, music video vixen, and mainstream Hollywood celebrity Ginger Lynn will be interviewed by cohost Nina Hartley on Ginger’s radio show, Blame It On Ginger, regarding letters from Charlie and Martin Sheen, recently released by the courts. The show airs live today, Monday, February 24, from 4–6 p.m. PST, broadcast on theSkidRowStudios Radio Network.”

“I’ve touched on some vague aspects of my relationship with Charlie over the years on a variety of interviews,” said Ginger. “However, I’ve never discussed it, nor gone into detail, about it in over a decade of radio. I’ve just never talked about Charlie on any of my shows. With the recent release of Charlie and Martin’s Sheen’s letters, I just feel it’s the right time.”

Ginger honey, you’ve gone on national TV shows and shown books, letters, a vest he wore in a film, strands of pearls and other gifts. You’ve talked about Charlie, but not on your own radio show? Why would you not go on your own radio show when you had a huge audience on Sirius, but now you’re talking about it on Skid Row Radio? Is that hillbilly you’re hanging out with that you brought to our meeting sucking out all the brains in that old head of yours? Did that person tell you not to do it, because you were gonna have your own blockbuster radio show that was gonna be bigger than Sirius and told you to hold out because you have such scary talent?

I’m sorry Ginger, but that guy you call your boyfriend? You gotta give him a kick to the curb, honey.


“Online media outlet exclusively obtained the letters by the Hollywood bad boy and his father, written to a Los Angeles judge in 1991 during a tax evasion trial. In the letter, the younger Sheen called Ginger the “one true love of his life,” “truly inspiring,” and with a “powerful sense of integrity,” who helped him on his road to recovery. Charlie Sheen and Ginger Lynn Allen were together for five years during the 1990s.”

“Ginger is, in my opinion, one of the finest people I’ve ever known,” Sheen said in the letter. “Her sense of loyalty and compassion far exceed the limits, which we normally see established by self-interest… She has a powerful sense of integrity, a strong internally defined morality and is, at times, generous to a fault… Her openness, honesty, sense of humor and occasional shyness captured my heart immediately. I discovered a very genuine person filled with an overwhelming zest for life. We feel in love shortly thereafter and have been happily linked ever since.”

Sheen added, “Over the past six years, her progress in overcoming obstacles some might label ‘insurmountable’ has been quite unique. She has taken some major risks in her career and has suffered rejection by some because of these. Yet, she has worked hard and kept faith in herself and has survived the risks to establish a promising career as an actress.”

Charlie’s father, Martin Sheen, also presented a letter of support for the actress, saying, “I truly believe Miss Allen is a person who will have a positive effect on the lives of many with whom she may come in contact.”

“I’m so thrilled to be a part of Ginger’s discussion of her relationship with Charlie,” Hartley stated. “I know she’s mostly avoided the subject on her own shows, and the fact she’s chosen to come forward on Monday with me is an honor.”

So these letters, which just happened to have been mysteriously released at the same time Charlie Sheen get engaged to a porn star, you don’t think those letters were planted in the media by Ginger and her genius boyfriend? Are you all that stupid? Is this the dumbest shit you ever heard?

I’m telling ya, when I left this meeting with Ginger and her boyfriend, I turned to Tommy and said, “Is she really that dumb? I didn’t think Ginger Lynn was like that.” He goes, “Yeah, she was like that when she was young. She got to where she was by being a cute little spinner.”

Back then, when the mob controlled the business, it was easy to get what you wanted from the dagos, because the coke was flowing and people like Tommy Sinopoli and my dad were like, “Hey yo, look at this! Isn’t she cute? Little dummy, here’s some coke. Blow me, dummy.” That’s how they survived. Then, when they got older, the little spinners turned into fat old trolls.

I dunno. I’m disillusioned. I feel like I was jerking off to a retard now.

Speaking of retards, what’s going on with Mike South?

Wow, hillbilly bitch boy has an article that first appeared in Cosmopolitan and then AVN and then XBIZ. Now Mike South is posting it on his site. Are you guys outta your fucking minds? There are people that actually go to this site every day? To get what news?

Going after this guy is like going after a retarded child. I swear to God. He has gotta be the biggest loser in the world. Somebody just emailed me and told me to go to his Wikipedia page. OK, let’s do it.

“Mike South (real name Michael Thomas Strother), born December 26, 1957, is a failed American pornographic actor/director, failed blogger and failed pornography gossip columnist.”

“Prior to entering adult entertainment, he worked as a computer scientist at NASA.
Two of the films he directed have won AVN Awards for Best Amateur Release – Southern Belles 4 in 1997 and Southern Belles 8 in 1998.”

“Also in the 1990’s, he was fired from Elegant Angel because of poor cameramanship. He did a POV movie & was to have alleged “sores” on his genitals. In seeing this, those in charge at Elegant Angel chose to let him go.”

“In May 2007 South underwent surgery to remove a nerve-sheath tumor.”

Oh man, that’s funny. That’s some comedy. Anyway, back to Mike South.

If you see his post today, it just shows again what a bitch ass punk fraud he is. Without me as the boogeyman, he has nothing to do and nothing to talk about. When I was going through my case and had my hands tied, he had a free ride to mouth off like the bitch punk that he is. Under the circumstances, I was in no position to speak out. Now that I speak out, this faggot punk doesn’t know what to do. Now that I’m up his ass on a daily basis, he’s running scared like a little cunt.

He has a site that he purports to have all the information and all the scoops, when in reality it’s three people making shit up out of thin air. He lies and that’s all he’s ever done. He never has any real information.

Case in point. He posts a story about Cal/OSHA inspections involving Evil Angel with links that are broken. He then uses one of his message board aliases to try to explain that it must’ve been a mass conspiracy to hide evidence and that the information must’ve been removed by nefarious evil forces. This is like he’s Jim Garrison and this is the JFK investigation. Now Mike South’s being “stonewalled.”

Then he does a story about me because I told the world how I was responsible for him being fired from Elegant Angel. His only retort to this allegation is that I bounced checks. Wow. He said he posted it because Sundays were a slow news day. But Monday must’ve been a slow day too in his trailer in Georgia, because he left the story up.

Then yesterday he posts a story that is about a week old. It’s a Cosmopolitan story and he doesn’t even give Cosmo credit for the story. He cut and pasted a story and put it on his site. He’s got to be the laziest blogger on the planet. A girl on his message board says she doesn’t like when I call her a retard, but the proof in in the pudding.

If this doesn’t show that Mike South is the hero to the fucking stupid and just a complete fucking moron, I don’t know what else does. All you keyboard warriors who post under fake names, every day your hero shows just exactly what he is, a phony and a fraud. Seven days and not one meaningful story and his big story yesterday is from Cosmopolitan that he stole.

Now today, he’s still talking about the Cosmo piece:

“Sometimes I Am Clueless Though Not Necessarily Wrong”

“I never in a million years thought that the Duke Freshman story would get the legs it did yesterday…I mean it’s a week plus old story, but it blew up, even getting a mention on the local news.”

What local news? In Georgia? Didn’t see anything on Los Angeles news about it. The fucking story’s a week old. Katie told me about it. A girl who sucks dick for money goes to college and gets outed. Who fuckin cares? Tasha Reign goes to college. Paris Gables went to college. Lotta dumb porn chicks go to college. It just proves again that Mike South is clueless and has nothing else to talk about. At least now he admits he’s clueless.

You know what? I’m gonna help Mike South out. I’m actually gonna give him and his keyboard warrior anonymous losers something to talk about, because I don’t really give a fuck about this story.

There is supposed to be a big meeting of the new performers group that Nina Hartley, Kimberly Kane, Chanel Preston, Jessica Drake and others are putting together. Is anyone gonna attend the meeting? Does anybody know anything that’s going on with the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee? James Deen’s part of it. He does videos with his girlfriend Stoya, that fucking genius. Does anyone know what’s going on with that group? There’s your scoop, Mike South.

I haven’t heard about meetings or anything else with APAC. I’m not an investigative journalist, Mike South is. I’m an entertainer. I talk about politics, current events, celebrities. I talk about farts and poop. I talk about porn for a small fraction of the show, unless something interesting happens like somebody coming down with AIDS or the John Stagliano lawsuit that’s happening. Other than that, I don’t give a fuck. I put the information out there and it’s up to you douchebags to discuss it. haven’t seen anything on XBIZ about APAC meetings, nothing on AVN. If somebody can come up with this information, it would be appreciated.

There ya go, Mike South. Instead of spending seven days talking about Scott Sparks, Rob Black, conspiracy theories and Duke girls sucking dick, why don’t you spend a little time trying to be an investigative reporter? Or is that above your pay grade? I know you’re a NASA scientist and all.

There’s your porn news. Maybe tomorrow we’ll get another update on dick sucking college girls.

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