Check Out Dominic Zicari’s Star Making Turn In The Cellar

For those of you who don’t know, Dominic Zicari is Rob Black’s father. Dominic also appears in this latest clip from The Cellar, released way back in 1998. He plays my dad, who brings my hockey helmet wearing mentally challenged brother to the shop to look after him.

It’s a brief appearance, but memorable. He plays himself, basically. A doting Italian American father who loves his kids, but is stern and demanding. It’s a scene right out of a Scorsese movie. In fact, you could easily see Dominic becoming a Scorsese regular. The man has an amazing screen presence.

Beatrice Straight won an Oscar for Network in a scene that lasted only five minutes and forty seconds. That just goes to show that the impact of a great performance, however small, is not diminished by the length of the scene. A great performance is a great performance.

Check out Dominic Zicari’s brief, but memorable scene in The Cellar on the front page. See if you agree with me that he was ROBBED for Best Non-Sex performance at the AVN Awards that year.

Hmm.. actually Rob Black won it that year for The Pornographer. I guess great character acting runs in the Zicari genes.

They may be porn’s equivalent to the great father/son acting dynasties like Kirk/Michael Douglas and Lloyd/Jeff Bridges.

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