Check Out The “Clean” Version of Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey XXX is just a great parody. Packed with action, hot girls and a strong story with with a theme of female empowerment and good triumphing over evil. Who do you think directed it? Rob Black. That’s right, Rob Black.

Sinister X is the name Rob used to direct the superhero parodies for the Extreme Commixxx line he created for Exquisite Multimedia. Titles like Justice League of Pornstar Heroes, Captain America, Ironman, Interactive Wonder Woman and Supergirl. He also used the name General Stone to direct award winning titles like Taxi Driver XXX, Training Day XXX and Reservoir Doggs.

The reason for the noms de film? Well, Rob had just gotten out of prison for obscenity and didn’t want people to automatically assume that all he could direct was rape themed movies. Salesmen and distributors in the adult business aren’t always the sharpest tacks in the box, so Rob didn’t want to give them any excuse not to be able to move the product. And move it did. Justice League sold an astounding 12,000 pieces out the door, a remarkable number in today’s market.

The clip featured on the front page is actually the entire movie. With the sex scenes taken out. Yeah, I know but there’s just so much we can give away for free, fuckers. Watch it though, and see just how the story plays out and what a really terrific job Rob did directing it.

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