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Well, just as we had covered in a previous entry, lifelong failure, gutless punk and coward Monica Foster Alexandra Melody Mayers has no balls for even an online debate with this web site. No one is asking her for a face to face meeting but she doesn’t even have the balls to go head to head in a debate in a neutral, online setting. This lying sack of shit plays this game where she sits on her sites with comments off or on Twitter and Youtube where she can block and edit and takes pot shots at people because she knows they cannot return fire there. This chicken shit posts here under anonymous names also, but she shuts comments off on her sites so people can’t return the favor? Gutless, cowardly, chicken shit cocksucking whore. Coward and shades of the now defunct Christian Michael Wians board where her and a couple of other mental midgets ran wild under fake names and trashed people that spoke the truth about her with no fear of any retaliation as that board was unmoderated and unchecked.


So not only does she pull this shit but she did a video blog about Donny Long today and her demeanor showed that she is obviously very, very frustrated with how this site has kicked her up and down, beat on her, shit on her, pissed on her and exposed actual facts with actual links and screen shots of her sick existence. Today, on this very web site, it was exposed that she took to the forums on The Erotic Review many years ago and asked the hobbyists that post there how to go about whoring herself out and asking for help in reviewing her – mind you, without her doing any work to earn those reviews. They shunned her and she lashed out at them and stormed off, something she is still doing as she nears the age of 40 and something she will do when she is 60 or 70, if she even makes it that far. This is a fully grown CHILD that just can’t deal with not getting her way. We now know that in addition to being a web cam failure and porn failure, she was an escorting failure. Not sure how someone fails at selling their pussy but she failed on all fronts. She can’t give that pussy away. She has even begged white men in their 40’s to take her in as a roommate (While paying all her bills and letting her live rent free) and failed at at that! This is where the good old reliable and trusty race card comes into play yet why don’t more attractive black women like Misty Stone have any problems? Hmmmmm? Misty is a sweet girl with a great attitude, beautiful face and unique look and that is why she succeeds. Foster just doesn’t have it. McDonald’s is always hiring for you.


In today’s video, she was viably upset, as upset as she has been on cam since that fateful night in 2010 when her family was first exposed on PWL. She cried and screamed that night from Franklin Parks Hollywood and made threats that she never made good on. Tonight, she called Donny a “loser” and childishly made fun of Donny’s real name and called him a nerd. Yes, she still uses her good old trusty “Loser” insult even as she is near 40, destitute, has an embarrassing resume of nudie pics and video all over the net, ripoff reports, has shamed her family, has embarrassing details of her failures to secure a boyfriend or husband and details of her failures to sell her pussy splattered all over the net. Alexandra is the very meaning of the word loser and she should have an L permanently tattooed on her forehead. Take any rubber checks lately? LOL.


Mayers also did what ignorant Americans do best and took cheap shots at Thailand (Even as she has never been there and has no passport) and called Donny a failure in America (Even as she is homeless and has failed at everything she has ever attempted while Donny has beaten her in every aspect of the adult industry). Maybe it’s time she get a passport and move somewhere else as it’s just not working for her in America. Not in Washington, not in Texas nor Florida, California or Nevada. Now she has a hardon for Atlanta but what will be different there? The grass is never greener anywhere for you and you fail wherever you go. Maybe it’s time to think about a different country but you’ll just fail there anyway. Just stay put and continue your failures. Moving has always proven to be a waste of time for you.


And so, chicken shit gutless coward Mayers admitted in the video that she will never sign on for a debate. She called it pointless but what she really means is that she has no balls and way, way too much baggage. I mean, anyone could just point to all her past failures and make her break down and cry if a debate took place. She’s got too many faults that could be exploited and she knows it. Why would she ever consent to getting embarrassed? As she said this, her voice cracked and she was on the verge of tears, probably thinking about how Donny, Heather Deep and their new gorgeous light skinned black cam girl draw a couple thousand visitors on cam while Mayers has to beg for a $10 private and most days makes nothing at all on cam. All these cheap shots she takes at Donny but Donny beat her at her own game. If he’s a loser, what is she?


Anyway, the rest of the video is worth fast forwarding through. More of the same boring ass name calling and slandering of people. Here’s the best part – A whole 25 people have viewed this video and she’s got a whopping 125 subscribers to show for her 3+ years of using that Youtube account. So you see folks, she wants to make bogus claims about people but then she admits she will never debate them or tell them this face to face – even if it means over Skype or even over some sort of chat that she could do in the comfort of her home. That is a chicken shit and someone who KNOWS their claims are LIES and so they want no part of any debates or challenges. Chicken shit piece of shit, keep up the lies you fucking coward.



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  1. Monica Foster was too chicken whit to stand before a judge with me back in January of this year! She applied for a TPO on me after saying that for two years I have been stalking her and she feared for her life. I showed up and she didn’t! It’s now September and she REFUSES to say why she didn’t show up.

    Also, she won’t get the cops on me after all the shit that she says about me because she knows what she’s done to me and others that will put her on the hot seat with the cops.

    I have witnessed Foster YELL at her viewers on her webcam for asking her to move and they wouldn’t tip her. She would lay there like a bump on the log and they wanted her to move and she would YELL at them saying that in her world, she doesn’t move for free.

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