Child protective services has reportedly rescued Victoria Violet Mayers aka Monica Foster’s Son

Kids and prostitution and porn don’t mix. Child protective services has reportedly rescued child pornographer and failed hooker prostitute Victoria Violet Mayer’s daughter.

It was reported earlier today that Child Protective Services of Quiet Waters Deerfield Beach Florida have rescued the elementary school aged son of a failed prostitute and child pornographer known as Victoria Violet Mayers aka Monica Foster from mother Joan Rucker Mayers house at 623 NW 47 Ter Deerfield Beach Florida.

Apparently one of Mayer’s neighbors witnessed her filming pornography featuring a dog outside on their balcony while Mayers’s daughter was watching.

Her sister Alexandra Melody Mayers suggests that if you see adult entertainers posting photographs of their children on the same social media account or website that features (or links to) explicit content you report it immediately – because children and pornography DO NOT MIX.

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