Christian Mann Makes $250,000 a Year; Diane Dukes Gets $150,000, and Your $320 a Month is Paying for It

The thing that gets me is that a guy who has a history of bankrupting porn companies is getting $250,000 a year. Diane Duke, a former condom saleswoman, who’s about to bankrupt the adult business with her industry acumen, gets $150,000. This should be a lesson to kids who want to go to college. Rob Black addressed some of those issues on his Friday afternoon show.

“The Free Speech Coalition is headed by Christian Mann. He’s the boss behind everything that goes behind the testing, how the money raised, and Cutting Edge,” said Black.

“How do you think John Stagliano knew Cameron Bay’s test results? How could Dr. Miao risk his reputable license and give test results to John Stagliano. I don’t know the hand off but a touchdown pass was made when John Stagliano knew Cameron Bay’s medical records.

“Maybe he didn’t get them ‘directly’ from Dr. Miao. John Stagliano pays Christian Mann in the excess of $250,000 a year to run Evil Angel. Christian Mann is the boss of Evil Angel and is ultimately the boss of Dr. Miao.

“So how do you question when John Stagliano has Cameron Bay’s medical records? Christian Mann runs PASS. He runs Free Speech. And he is the boss of Dr. Miao. John Stagliano owns and operates the Evil Empire, puts on Las Vegas Revues. He is the boss of Christian Mann.

“Does anyone want to ask the question of how John Stagliano got Cameron Bay’s medical records? Who gave John Stagliano the medical records? Christian Mann? Who gave Christian Mann the medical records? Make no mistake.

“Christian Mann runs PASS which means Evil Angel runs PASS- Evil Angel the same company who’s owner has worked with 30, 40, 50 women and hasn’t told them about his HIV status. This is the man who does all of this and the guy that he pays to keep all of this secret is Christian Mann. Christian Mann runs and operates the entire testing procedure and lab for the entire business.

“Does anyone see a problem with that where this is a little scary. Don’t forget, Christian Mann gets marching order from Diane Duke? You think? Diane Duke is nothing. She’s a civilian. Peter Acworth has investments with John Stagliano and Evil Angel. You have this entire chain.

“If you take Diane Duke out of the equation, who does everybody talk to? John Stagliano? Sid Grief? He’s a distributor who takes two pieces of a number and represents the industry? Which leaves us with Diane Duke.

“Christian Mann and John Stagliano run the entire kit and caboodle- John Stagliano is the man who doesn’t disclose he has HIV. This is a man who in the Nineties went to Brazil and more importantly searched out transsexuals, who as statistics will show have an HIV rate that is off the charts.

“He went to Brazil and found the dirtiest, filthiest viral loaded TS and proceeded to take his pants down and the TS inserted it right into his rectum bareback. This is John Stagliano, the man who runs your entire testing system, the man who controls Peter Acworth and lets Kevin Moore shoot during the moratorium.

The man let himself have unprotected sex with a Brazilian TS. Months later they diagnosed him with HIV. That is a far cry from me doing fantasy-rape movies. That is unthinkable and that man proceeded to do a line called Stretch Class where he does not inform any talent that he is HIV positive.

“He doesn’t give performers a choice like Cameron Bay didn’t get a choice when a man stuck a bloody penis in her mouth and pussy. And all that is acceptable because the man who runs the show doesn’t give a performer a choice to work with him.

“If he told them everything that was going to happen and told them his medical status they would decline and that would ruin his fun. And that person had Cameron Bay’s medical records and that man pays Christian Mann in excess of $250,000 to run Evil Angel.

“Christian Mann runs PASS and Dr. Miao works for Christian Mann. Can anyone dispute any form of corruption, any form of bullshit, and Peter Acworth sits on the board and shares in the money.

“They are connected at the hip together. Can anyone dispute this entire chain of corruption where our entire business has been dealing with the past five or seven years? Dispute what I just said. You can’t. It is all true, and that’s the part that’s hard for everyone to swallow. It’s a web of crazy stories. But it’s true and your head swells that this can’t be.

“Christian Mann, John Stagliano and Peter Acworth, they run this entire show. They run it all. You have proof and what you do with it is up to you when everyone knows Kevin Moore is shooting through the moratorium and works for Evil Angel that runs PAAS and the Free Speech Coalition.

“For Kevin Moore to say nothing about it, whatever the hell bullshit, either Christian Mann called his directors and they decided to shoot anyway. If a director at Evil Angel thinks so little of the moratorium what does that say about us? You can’t get any more underground than Kevin Moore shooting during the moratorium. Our business is full of liars, cheats and thieves.

“Eventually you get caught and you’re done,” Black continued.

“That’s it. How can anybody can go along with this any more? Manwin owns Cutting Edge Testing. We said go to TTS. We said out of the two companies, I’d rather deal with an outsider.

“We have proven that Dr. Miao is a fictional bullshit joke. He’s paid by Christian Mann and John Stagliano. He is a paid doctor. He’s a weed doctor. I could get you a weed doctor who has the same credentials. And Diane Duke is a joke. Christian Mann is the boss. Christian Mann, John Stagliano run that entire ship. You all know that.

“It’s pathetic. We are going through serious changes. Do not go, I’m telling all of you, to Cutting Edge Testing. I don’t care what you’ll hear them say. If someone says Manwin won’t shoot you, fuck them!

“There is an alternative, to at least testing. Manwin is not going to try to freeze out TTS. Manwin will still use you. The day Manwin tells producers not to hire you, it’s over. Do not go to Cutting Edge Testing.

“Manwin owns AVN, and I told you not to go to the AVN show. The two ways to kill Manwin is Cutting Edge testing and AVN. So now AVN who has Mark Kernes fighting condoms they’re now giving it awards.

“Either you’re for or against something. That’s got to be the most asinine thing I ever heard. Mark Kernes said the most horrible things about these people [Cameron Bay and Rod Daily] and now they’re giving awards to the best condom company and best condom scenes. How does that work when we’re in litigation right now for no condoms? Best condom company, best condom scene. That is everybody’s leadership. That’s why The Huffington Post laughs their asses off.”


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