Christian Mann “Reeks of Everything Unholy and Evil”

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When Rob Black talked weeks ago about industry people being led away in handcuffs he wasn’t kidding.

Black has been talking to state politicians, and if you think the latest rumblings from Assemblyman Isadore Hall are coincidental, you are sadly naïve.

The way it looks right now the walls are going to come tumbling down on Christian Mann.

“The adult business is in a state of denial,” said Black.

“Nobody in this business ever wanted to address any of these issues. If we did these things I proposed [condoms, etc.], we would not be in this situation. You have people running the Free Speech Coalition and your Talent Testing. In any other industry there would be a criminal investigation into the Free Speech Coalition, PASS, and not Diane Duke, but Christian Mann.

“If people gave a shit, there would have been things done to protect you years ago. Christian Mann ran Video team which was owned by Teddy Rothstein. This little crew were the Jewish contingent who paid off Robert DiBernardo. [DiBernardo ran the Gambino family business interests in pornography.]

“They [Mann and Rothstein] were the front men. They were bag men. Through the 80’s as the Gambino family was re-structured and “DB” was whacked, you had that group, Video Team, and Christian Mann ran that company into the ground.

“Christian Mann and Rothstein had no need to keep a company afloat, so it was buried and thrown in the trash and Mann went on to Metro and Kenny Guarino.

“Again, the same thing when Gotti was in charge, Guarino made payments to the point where Guarino went to prison for paying off the Gambino family.

“Guess what? When Mr. Gotti went away, Metro went out of business. Go through their history of bounced checks. Then Christian Mann moved on from that company and landed at Evil Angel where Joey Salvera [Silvera] said Christian came in and did some big moves, big deals to secure funding for Evil Angel.

“Stagliano admitted he lost half his fortune from the Las Vegas dance revue. Now he has at the helm a guy who is vice president of Free Speech and along with Diane Duke runs a fund that handles millions of dollars.

“While that goes on, Evil Angel makes these deals left and right and has a resurgence and Christian Mann will tell you it’s because of him. Evil Angel and Kink are partners and John Stagliano is somebody who is HIV positive and does not disclose his condition to anyone in the business.

“And now that same HIV person has a lock down on the testing facility and shooting. Christian Mann is in charge of PASS, Free Speech Coalition, and the doctors who gave Cameron Bay’s information to everybody including a phlebotomist.

“Christian Mann just lifted a moratorium to shoot,” Black continued.

“I’ve seen one blogger say the Mr. Marcus moratorium lasted longer. If this was any other industry, you would hear of a criminal investigation already under way. That’s plain and simple.

“Back in 1999 we used to have a receptionist [at Extreme Associates] with a Chihuahua. We also had an employee [Kid Vegas] with a boa constrictor.

“One day I joked that if the dog poops in the office I’m going to feed it to the snake. We made a thing about how I was going to feed the dog to the snake. It went on the web and we had animal officials at the office investigating. That was talking about a dog and a snake with animal control there.

“I’ve already outlined a trail of corruption Christian Mann leaves everywhere he goes. He reeks of everything unholy and evil and he’s in charge of FSC/PASS.

“Any other industry Christian Mann would already have resigned and there would be criminal charges levied. Christian Mann would be brought up on charges. Free Speech would be shut down and the government would have come in and shut us down.

“The only thing they haven’t done is shut us down. But Gene Ross writing it in stories, and I’m giving them [Hall and others] all this paper work, and they’re going this is the person who runs Free Speech? Jesus Christ?

“The kicker is he [Mann] has a terminal disease,” said Black.

“On top of this reckless life, and he’s now in charge of all of our health, and we don’t know about Cameron Bay’s partner who’s also tested and we don’t know the conclusion of it? You have this girl’s partner testing negative and if he’s in the same window as Cameron Bay is, track back to see where all this is coming from.

“If it smells like Kink, and it stinks like Kink, it’s Kink.

“And Peter Acworth sits on the board of directors of Free Speech. Next week, Mr. Hall and the powers-that-be they will be sifting through paper after paper of factual proof of the careless behavior of Kink, Christian Mann, Peter Acworth and Free Speech.”


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