Christian Mann Votes Manwin Benefactor of The Year Award; Maybe the Rumors Are True

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The Georgia distillery website is making a big to do about how Christian Mann sold out the industry: “The [Benefactor of the Year] award was met with unanimous scorn on GFY save for one FSC member, seems the FSC doesn’t really have much credibility outside Manwin.

“But there is something in this that actually bothers me more than anything else and that is the participation of Christian Mann in this slow selling out of the industry. I have known Christian to be one of the good guys for many years in this biz and it is discouraging to see him participating in the systematic sellout of everyone in this biz to the people who did the most damage to it. It troubles me that he would drag John Stagliano’s company Evil Angel in as a supporter. I seriously don’t think that John is aware of the breadth and depth of this betrayal to the industry he helped to create.”


This is what happens when you get your porn news distilled from the East Coast. Not only have we been explaining all along that Mann’s position on condoms is like Herbert Hoover handing out stock tips [Mann ran two porn companies into the ground- Catalina Video and Video Team] we also have whiz kid Mann telling us that porn’s safer than Little League Baseball:

Then of course we have Mann’s participation in the following:

And then there were the rumors that Manwin bought Evil Angel which would really explain things:

Remember, the Reality Kings and Digital Playground rumors were also dismissed.

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