Christian Michael Wians aka ChristianXXX Has Got No Talent

Christian X

Let’s face it, the big bald homo called Christianxxx Christian Michael Wians works hard, probably harder than some of his drugged out colleagues but that’s all the credit he deserves. When it comes down to it, he has very few options and very little talent. This is why he has stated that he is a porn lifer and will be in porn until at least the age of 65. Since he has an addiction to transsexuals and will never be able to stop fucking as many trannys as he can get his hands on, he likely will never quit doing gay porn


Wians sucks at athletics as well. Admittedly, he was the slow, geeky white 12th man on his college basketball team that saw very little playing time. He routinely tweets out pictures of himself at the gym and the long training sessions he puts in in preparation for triathlons. However, Ironman results are available online and his finishing times are never impressive. In fact, for someone who has done so many, his times are downright embarrassing. Again, he can do this only because he puts the time in at the gym that the average person can not due to the fact that they have a life and responsibilities. This is why he could never pursue a career in the straight world, as a trainer, athlete or something fitness related.

Christian X

He has a worthless degree in History, which he has never used and that put him in the hole financially from student loans, wrecked his credit and gave him no options but to do gay porn. He has been a waiter, failed as a teacher which has him badmouthing all teachers and claiming the life of teachers is “A miserable life,” this clown has failed at everything when you examine things closely. He could never match the accomplishments of his father, who is a doctor.

Frank H. Wians

He has even failed at doing his own porn web site, multiple times until his girlfriend took over and showed him how it’s done. Now he claims to have a successful site but who is buying a membership to a site to watch the same bald asshole fuck all these men in dresses? Well, the novelty will probably wear off soon and he’ll be sponging full time off his girlfriend, who already is the bread winner in that household.

BeFunky Collage

Face it folks, this douche was just born without much talent. Certainly, he could never match the talent of a Donny Long who was a successful mobile marine business owner before succeeding in porn and then reinventing himself later and starting a successful web cam business – which is something that Wians tried and failed at. Wians only self made success came back in 2008 when he started a porn blog that saw success by drawing in mainstream audiences, mainly from sites like ESPN and whatnot. Those same macho sports fan readers would be disgusted by what his blog has become today, a diary of a trannyfucker, traveling the world and doing illegal underage tranny porn at his now old age of 40+. Disgusting.

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