Christmas Movie Kids: Where Are They Now? Scott Schwartz [He Was With Me at an Italian Restaurant Wednesday Night]

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from www, – Scott Schwartz (aka “Flick,” the kid with the tongue on the pole) took, well, a more colorful path.

He came to the film after a leading role in The Toy (opposite Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason), and followed it with Kidco, a comedy about kids selling fertilizer that your film editor maintains an unreasonable affection for (mostly due to its endless HBO screenings at an impressionable age).

But after that, the work dried up, and by the 1990s — as anyone who’s read David Foster Wallace’s brilliant Premiere reportage “Big Red Son/Neither Adult Nor Entertainment” or saw Schwartz’s very sad episode of the E! True Hollywood Story can tell you — Schwartz was working in the adult film industry.

His credits include New Wave Hookers 5, The Devil in Miss Jones 6, and the immortal Booby Trap; he mostly appeared in non-sex roles, primarily due to some, er, performance anxiety. He left the industry around 2000, and spends his time these days running a sports and movie collectibles store and talking about A Christmas Story at conventions and in documentaries.

Gene adds: I could almost swear that Mark Kernes wrote the preceding snide and dismissive resume. Better yet, read Schwartz’s autobiog when it becomes available in 2013.

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