Christy Canyon Still Making Excuses for Steve Hirsch- What a Swell guy

I appropriated the following because my name and Rob Black’s are mentioned.

Chrusty Canyon writes on Hummmmm you call what steve does “whoring” I, who was fortunate enough to be a vivid girl in the 90′s call him brilliant.

Why such anger, for not one of the great guys in our business, but the greatest guy….Jessica drake will argue with me on this, but steve O. At
wicked falls in line neatly behind Hirsch. I defy you to find me one
girl who has been with vivid who wasn’t treated with the greatest

I just began to read your blog; and only your blog as funny enough somebody at work tuned me into you but that’s another story. It seems you care for the well being of the preformers. Have you ever heard of vivid bouncing a check on a preformer? Have you ever heard of a preformer getting to a vivid set and found out the scene wasn’t a boy/girl as promised but a ten man gang bang? Have you ever heard a preformer say I had to blow the director to get the job?

Am I just missing something here mike? But why such anger? I see him from a
preformers point of view & again, it seems that’s who you care about.
The preformers. Do you really care if celeb tapes “leak” to vivid? Do
you really care if he offers gobs of money to somebody for a sex
scene? Isn’t it all just clean, honest business.

To me it’s the same as a girl tweeting a club she’ll be dancing at or a girl promoting her website on my playboy radio show-it’s all about publicity and marketing in porn these days; and bottom line…who cares if he offers money to a star, starlette, politician etc….why would anybody care if an offer was made? It’s harmless.

What bothers you, mean gene and black so deeply about the owner of vivid??? The one time your name was brought up months ago, steve actually said good things about you. I don’t know if you’ve met the man, but why don’t you ask us lucky ones who’ve worked for him what we think…I’m talking about the best; Janine, tori Welles, Julia ann, Dyanna Lauren, hyapatia lee & the list goes on and on and on.

You’re probably right about alot you blog about, but I want your fans, followers readers etc…to know from a preformers point of view steve Hirsch and vivid is the best. He runs a clean, honest operation.

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