Claire Robbins Apparently Back and the Tongues Are Waggin’ Over at XPT

This is an interview I did with Claire Robbins about four years ago.

> Turning Blue writes on : I just saw “Fuck Me II” with Claire Robbins. It looks like maybe she needed rent money. She has lost the girl next door image and looks more like a meth addict.

> Da Burglar adds: Holy shit, she just aged 17 years in the last 15 months…..definitely METH, no doubt about it. But the good news is kids, She probably had some AWESOME orgasms the first 5 or 6 times she did the METH, so lets ask her rhettorically “Was having 3 weeks worth of MIND numbing orgasms worth the lifelong drug addiction you have acquired, and having to now have sex on film, not because you enjoy it and it feels good, but to get a few bucks to buy more meth so that you dont feel depressed and jump off the 134 freeweay?? Is it, hmmmm?”

I have wood…she traded her life for a few moments of BLISS and clit tingling climaxes, and now has to do even SICKER shit for less money on film than her first stint in porn in order to just feel normal. Oh fuck thats hot….

> Dean Wormer writes: Are you sure about all this? Drugs aside, I don’t think that picture looks anything at all like Claire.

About a year ago on ADT Spiegler posted that she was coming back (allegedly she broke up with her b/f) but they apparently got back together so she never made her return.

> Turning Blue replies: I have seen a ton of her stuff. It’s her. She is even credited on the boxcover of the movie.

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